Best Fall Foliage and Autumn Color Web Cams

North American Leaf Change Via Live Video

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Here are some of the very best web video cameras showing fall leaf color in forests throughout North America for this viewing season. These selected sites record the color of fall tree foliage using "live" web cameras mounted at strategic locations. By viewing these forest web cams, you will see how fall color is spreading and the autumn leaf wave is moving throughout North America.

Starting in mid-September, Canada, the Rockies and Maine's leaves will turn colors and steadily creep southward in waves of yellow, orange and red - read Catching the Fall Color Wave. The tree leaf display will end with leaf fall in the southern United States in late November. The Weather Channel has an excellent current map of expected fall color conditions. 

The Best Views

Algonquin Park. Ontario, Canada - The park covers 1.9 million forest acres. Here is a "live" view and a pan view that gives you a first show of leaf color turn in aspens for North America.

Acadia National Park. Maine, USA - View turning leaves on 40,000 acres of Atlantic coast shoreline. Mixed hardwood colors light up the green spruce/fir forest.

Glacier National Park. Montana, USA - There are now six outside digital cameras located in Glacier National Park. You can curser over each link to see an updated quick shot.

The Nation's Capitol. Washington D.C., USA - This web cam view is from the Netherlands Carillon looking east toward the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building.

Brasstown Bald. Georgia, USA - Web cam view from Georgia's highest point near Blairsville. You need the latest free Java install for this live video.

Mammoth Cave National Park. Kentucky, USA - View of Green River Valley looking north-northwest. The visual range is approximately 15 miles and overlooks a massive upland hardwood forest.

Fall Foliage Cams. The Entire USA - Another destination site for fall leaf viewing in North America.

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