Best Flame Thrower Jack o Lantern Idea

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Best Jack o Lantern Idea

You can make a long-lasting tower of flame for your jack-o-lantern.
You can make a long-lasting tower of flame by putting a kerosense-soaked roll of toilet paper inside your Halloween jack-o-lantern. Anne Helmenstine

This is how to make the best Halloween jack o lantern, or at least it is my favorite, which means it features fire. This jack o lantern features a long lasting tower of flame, plus you can customize the color of the fire. In addition to written instructions, I have a video of what to expect from this project.

Best Jack o Lantern Materials

  • roll of toilet paper
  • quart of kerosene
  • carved jack o lantern

Set Up the Jack o Lantern

  1. Place the roll of toilet paper inside the pumpkin.


  2. Pour the kerosene over the toilet paper.


  3. Take the jack o lantern outdoors to light it. The flames will reach 2-3 feet tall and will last for an hour or two.


  4. If you want to extinguish the jack o lantern before it burns out, simply put the cover on the pumpkin to suffocate the flame or else spray the fire out with water.

Spice Things Up!

  • Sparks
    Get creative with your Halloween jack o lantern. You can add sparks and color to the flames by adding some colored wooden sparklers to the jack o lantern. You can put sparklers into the pumpkin at any time, even after you have started the fire.


  • Smoke and Colored Smoke
    Toss in a smoke bomb for some white or colored smoke. You can even make your own smoke bombs for this effect.


  • Colored Fire
    Add any of several common household chemicals to color the flames of your Halloween jack o lantern. The insides of an emergency flare contain strontium, which burns a very bright red. You can get another nice effect by sprinkling borax or boric acid onto the outside of the pumpkin and adding hand sanitizer. This will coat the exterior of the pumpkin with blue and green flame.