Best Free Christian Ecards

Free and Easy Personalized Christian Greetings

Are you looking for a free, easy-to-use Christian ecard site that requires no registration and offers a large variety of personalized messages uniquely designed for your faith? Then look no more. This collection includes my top choices for sending Christian ecard greetings.

7 Great Sites for Sending Free Christian Ecards

Free Christian Ecards
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DaySpring offers a great selection of free ecards designed specifically for Christians in a variety of categories. Choose from humorous cards, serious messages, special occasions, kid's greetings, romantic notes, clergy appreciation, friendship, encouragement and more.

DaySpring also has a special collection of Spanish ecards and a Signature Series with Max Lucado, Barbara Johnson, Purpose Driven Life and many more unique options. No registration is required to use the site. More »

Crosscards provides free, unique, faith-based ecards with spiritual expressions of support, encouragement, inspiration, and fun. One distinctive quality about this site is their dedication to users. They welcome feedback, suggestions, and ideas for ecard designs. If you haven't been able to find exactly what you're looking for, perhaps Crosscards will customize a card just for you. No registration is required to use the site. More »

Crosswalk offers beautiful, fun, and inspirational ecard greetings for many occasions and categories at no cost. The service is powered by It's quick and easy to use and each card allows you to add personalized messages. No registration is required to use the site. More »

Along with free Bible apps and ebooks, the Canadian Bible Society offers free ecards for almost any occasion. Each card includes a photo or flash animation and Scripture verse. You can add personalized messages to any card. No registration is required to use the site. More »

Blue Mountain helps you celebrate life's blessings with beautiful, modern designs, featuring inspirational and spiritual messages. Send some joy and support to your family and friends today with a religious ecard. The site is easy to navigate and you can personalize your cards by adding a message. To use the free ecards, you must sign up. More »

A Light House invites you to, "Touch someone's heart today and share your favorite greetings with your family and friends." The site features free Christian ecards with Bible verses, inspiring poetry, and beautiful artwork. Choose from a large selection of topics and celebrations, including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Ecards come with and without flash animation, and you can add personalized messages. You must subscribe to use their free ecards. More »

Truly beautiful and biblical Christian ecards can be sent free of charge to your family and friends from Clover Valley Community Church. The service offers an emphasis on God's creation and the wonders of nature. The site is quick and easy to use and each card allows you to add a personalized message. No registration is required to use the site. More »

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