The 15 Best Funny Wedding Dance Videos Ever

It's the happiest day of your life, so let's act like it!

Now that we've all got access to cheap video equipment and fast Internet connections, it seems every moment in our lives is poised to be the next viral video hit. Weddings are no different, and some people really go above and beyond to make a fun memory for themselves, and the entire internet, to enjoy.

These hilarious wedding videos prove that when it comes to having fun at a wedding, the best approach is to leave your inhibitions at the door and dance like no one is watching!

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Wedding Dance Surprise- Beyonce Single Ladies

Via YouTube/Clarkowski10.

When this groom and his groomsmen busted out this version of Beyonce's "Single Ladies," complete with body suits and panty hose, no one was more surprised than his blushing bride!

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JK Wedding Entrance Dance

JK Wedding entrance dance
photo courtesy of YouTube

With over 91 million views on YouTube, this is the most watched wedding dance video of all time. The impeccably choreographed video features bride and groom Jill and Kevin, along with their entire wedding party, doing a highly stylized hip-hop dance down the aisle to the sounds of Chris Brown's song "Forever."

Thanks to roughly 20 or so members of the wedding party and their near-perfect dance moves, this video not only made Jill and Kevin viral video sensations but basically gave birth to the "wedding dance" genre of viral videos as we know it today.

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FLASH MOB WEDDING dance (Kesha's Timber)

Via YouTube/Rebecca Zamolo.

This adorable (and bouncy!) couple forced their wedding guests to learn the dance moves to three separate songs. Sure, that sounds kind of high maintenance for the guests... but still. The results are this cute and funny flash mob to Kesha's "Timber" that will make you smile AND do a little chair boogy. 

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Wedding Thriller

Wedding Thriller
photo courtesy of YouTube

Everybody loves the "Thriller" dance! Here the King of Pop's most famous dance moves live on in wedding dance form. The moves aren't entirely perfect in this video, but what the dancers lack in finesse they make up for in goofiness!

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Brian & Katie's Evolution of Wedding Dance

Evolution of Wedding Dance
photo courtesy of YouTube

This video was destined for viral video status because it combines the wedding dance genre with moves, music and inspiration from the hit viral video Evolution of The Dance, one of the most viewed videos on YouTube of all time. The result is a fun and fast romp through wedding dance history, starting with Elvis and Chubby Checker and ending with Jay-Z.

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Epic Mother-Son Wedding Dance

Via YouTube/ML Photo & Film.

This groom and his mother surprised their guests with a terrific dance mashup routine. Even the bride had no clue what they were up to.

Since this wedding happened in 2013, naturally they had to do the "Gagnam Style" dance. DON'T JUDGE THEM! We were all into it back then.

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Surprise Wedding First Dance by Clay Family

photo courtesy of YouTube

This one isn't technically a wedding dance -- the dance occurred at Clay and Liz' 10th wedding anniversary -- but the romantic couple dressed up in a tux and wedding gown and the video is so fantastic that, well, who cares.

This awesome couple goes through a whirlwind of fun songs and dance moves, from C & C Music Factory to Soulja Boy. Like most wedding dance videos, the video is kind of goofy, but what makes the whole thing simply awesome is that Clay and Liz can really, REALLY dance.

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Wedding Dance First As A Couple - Baby Got Back

baby got back
photo courtesy of YouTube

When thinking of a list of songs that just aren't right for playing at a wedding, you would imagine that Sir Mix-A-Lot's 1992 single "Baby Got Back" would top the list. It is, after all, a rapper's ode to women with large, errhm, booties.

Don't tell that to this couple! They prove that when two people trust each other and are in love, nothing is ever really inappropriate, not even Sir Mix-A-Lot.

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Wedding First Dance w/ Surprise Jack Johnson Michael Jackson

Wedding First Dance w/ Surprise Jack Johnson Michael Jackson
photo courtesy of YouTube

For the first minute or so of the video, newly married couple Norm and Renee slowly dance together to Jack Johnson's "Better Together." Thanks to their totally vanilla first minute, when Michael Jackson's 1987 hit single "The Way You Make Me Feel" comes on, the entire room erupts into cheers. Then, when the couple (and especially the shockingly good Norm) pull off some complicated dance steps, they keep the room cheering up until the very end.

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Best Mother & Son Wedding Dance

Via YouTube/Dwayne Cabello.

Skip ahead to the 1:45 mark for the fun stuff!

Mom really knows how to bust a move, especially when it came time to "Whip & Nae Nae,"

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BEST WEDDING DANCE EVER!!! (Ryan and Leah Claxton)

Via YouTube/Ryan Claxton.

Ryan and Leah Claxton showed off their great sense of humor AND their fancy choreographed dance moves in this 2013 wedding video. As the music switches from pop to country to R&B, the couple puts on quite a show and gets everybody laughing.

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Brian's Surprise Justin Bieber Wedding Dance for Emily

Via YouTube/JasonAveryFilms.

This groom surprised his bride with a fully-choreographed lip sync of Justin Bieber's Baby, and it was pretty epic!

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Dirty Dancing UK - Julia and James First Dance

Dirty Dancing UK - Wedding Dance
photo courtesy of YouTube

The dance at the end of the 1987 Patrick Swayze/Jennifer Grey film Dirty Dancing is memorable for its equal parts romance and cheese (take a look here). Which, of course, makes it a perfect routine for a wedding dance.

The choreography for this dance is nearly pitch perfect, and the whole thing is just so cute you might melt right there in your seat. (Sorry about that.)

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Greatest Father Daughter Dance Medley Ever!

Via YouTube/Ashnicsparks.

The minute Dad steps out onto the dance floor and starts limbering up, you KNOW this is going to be amazing!  These two have some serious moves.

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Jim's Wedding - Dance-off

The Office's Dance Off
photo courtesy of NBC

NBC's hit show The Office decided to have a little fun with the wedding dance craze (and the JK Wedding Entrance Dance video in particular) when it came time for characters Pam and Jim to get hitched.

The characters from The Office proceed down the aisle to Chris Brown's song "Forever" and, for a bit, the choreography is more or less the same as in the original video (#2 on this list). Unfortunately, at around 1:30 into the video, Dwight accidentally kicks a woman in the face. Which, if this video was real, would be terrible. Thankfully it's just a scene from a TV show, so we can laugh instead!

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