Top Small Gifts for Guitarists

Inexpensive Presents Guitarists Will Appreciate

Looking for small gift ideas for that guitarist in your life? The following is a collection of recommendations for relatively inexpensive, compact items that will bring a smile to the face of any guitarist. If you're searching for even cheaper gift ideas, check out this list of stocking stuffers under $10

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Shubb C1 Acoustic or Electric Guitar Capo

shubb c1 capo

A capo is a requirement for all guitarists, and "The Shubb" is the most reliable capo available, at a reasonable price. The Shubb C1 should be suitable for both acoustic and electric guitars (it's not suitable nylon-strung classical guitars).

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Elixir Guitar Strings

elixir guitar strings

Many consider Elixirs to be the Cadillac of guitar strings, and I'm inclined to agree with them. If you're unsure about which type to buy, consider the "Polyweb Acoustic Light Top/Medium Bottom" strings for acoustic guitar, or "Polyweb Electric Light" strings for electric guitar.

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Intellitouch PT40 Tuner

intellitouch pt40

This is a small Intellitouch guitar tuner that clips to the headstock of a guitar. Since the PT40 tunes via vibration, rather than pitch, tuning a guitar in a moderately noisy room is a simple task. Uses a battery that can be recharged via the USB connection to your computer.

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Dunlop Tortex Picks

All guitarists need guitar picks, and this multi-colored collection of a dozen medium gauge sharp tortex picks are a good choice.

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Dunlop System 65 Guitar Maintenance Kit

The Dunlop System 65 Kit is all a guitarist needs to keep their pride and joy in tip-top condition. This deluxe guitar cleaning kit contains polish, bodygloss, string cleaner, fingerboard cleaner/prep, fingerboard conditioner, and several cotton polish cloths.

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BigHeart Bottleneck Guitar Slide

All a guitarist needs to experiment with playing slide guitar is some sort of slide. The BigHeart Bottleneck is a glass slide, which provides a smoother, less brittle sound than brass or steel slides.

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Kyser Lifeguard 6 or 12 String Acoustic Humidifier

Seasons change, and with them change the humidity in your house. Changes in humidity predictably affect the wood in an acoustic guitar, sometimes with disasterous results. This humidifier can dramatically reduce the effects of changing humidity on an acoustic guitar.

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Gibson Glove Leather Black Beauty Strap

This attractive leather strap does a nice job of spreading the weight of the guitar evenly over the length of the strap, so the guitar doesn't feel so heavy.

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A-Frame Guitar Stand

This is a sturdy, simple guitar stand, that can be used in the home, or on stage. If the guitarist in your life doesn't use a guitar stand, I recommend it - they'll play it more frequently if the guitar is in view, as opposed to being in a case. Note: although it's compact, this stand still won't fit in any stocking I've ever seen.

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IK Multimedia iRig

Got an iPad or an iPhone? This little piece of hardware, which sells for about $40, allows you to plug your guitar directly in to your phone. You can then record yourself digital effects available in the phone application. Added bonus: since you can use this with your existing iPhone headphones, you can crank the distortion without keeping the neighbors awake.

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For more accomplished guitarists who already own a capo, the Creative Tunings SpiderCapo could be the perfect gift. The SpiderCapo allows some strings of the guitar to be barred by the capo while others ring open. This facilitates thousands of unusual tunings, and could lead to many hours of fruitful experimentation. It's not for absolute beginners, but the SpiderCapo could be a very welcome stocking stuffer for more adventurous guitarists.