The 8 Best GMAT Test Prep Courses of 2021

Prep for the big test with a helpful course

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If you’re looking to get into business school, most MBA admissions officials will expect a high GMAT score. Sure, you may have a picked up a book to help you get up to snuff, but it's probably worth signing up for a course to make sure you're on the right track. To help, we've put together a guide to the best GMAT test prep courses, so you can rest assured that you'll be ready for the GMAT — and your MBA.

Best In-Person: Kaplan

Courtesy of Kaplan

Kaplan instructors are highly rated, and their in-person GMAT classes are some of the most popular on the market. Eighteen hours of live instruction from an expert Kaplan instructor are included in every in-person course. The courses are offered all year round and in hundreds of location.

A Kaplan GMAT test prep course also allows you to do a full “test run” of exam day by taking a full-length practice GMAT at a Kaplan testing center, proctored just as it will be on the day of your exam. Your purchase includes nine full-length practice tests and access to online resources, including 5,000 practice questions and hundreds of video tutorials.

In-person Kaplan GMAT test prep courses are $1,449 while online courses are $1249 and can be accessed on a laptop or smartphone. Self-paced courses are just $799. With your purchase, you’ll get three GMAT prep books and an MBA admissions guide.

Best Online: PrepScholar

Prep Scholars GMAT
Courtesy of Prep Scholars GMAT

PrepScholar’s unique adaptive algorithm will customize itself according to your progress as you complete GMAT practice tests and drills along the way. You’ll start with a 60-question diagnostic GMAT that will give you a realistic overview of your strengths and weaknesses, how you might structure your study sessions, as well as what your goals should be. The PrepScholar GMAT program works for any student, as the materials are available at core, advanced and mastery levels.

With your purchase of the GMAT prep course, you’ll receive a personalized study plan, progress trackers, over 50 video lessons, over 1,000 GMAT practice questions, video tutorials from expert instructors and four full-length practice exams in the computerized adaptive format you’ll see on exam day. Some PrepScholar GMAT resources are available in a bundle for $69, while a fully customized GRE prep course with some one-on-one attention will cost $259 and a self-guided GRE online prep course costs $139. Small group discounts and private GMAT tutoring are also available. Your purchase includes a 60-point score increase guarantee and a five-day free trial.

Best Long-Term: Princeton Review

Princeton Review
Courtesy of Princeton Review

Princeton Review GMAT test prep courses include more hours of classroom instruction, video tutorials and online support than average, which makes them ideal if you need to boost your score by a wide margin or if you have a long time to study. The courses include 27 hours of instruction, over 5,000 video tutorials and practice questions, personalized GMAT essay feedback, ten full-length practice GMATs delivered in a realistic format, plus a score increase guarantee (or your tuition money is refunded).

Self-paced use of Princeton Review GMAT prep materials costs $499, while a full-length online GMAT prep courses is $1,299. In-person GMAT prep instruction is available at Princeton Review for $1,399. A private GMAT tutoring program with a Princeton Review instructor costs $1,800.

Most Comprehensive: Veritas Prep

Veritas Prep
Courtesy of Veritas Prep

Veritas Prep is a flagship organization for GMAT prep, and it’s no wonder why: Their instructors are top-notch, and their practice questions are widely considered some of the best and most realistic in the business. Their customizable GMAT question bank will allow you to create quizzes that drill particular skills you need to work on, and your purchase of a self-study program for $699, a live GMAT prep class for $1450 or a private GMAT tutoring program for $2,650 gives you access to those 5,000 practice questions along with live online homework help.

You can access Veritas Prep GMAT resources at any time on any platform or device, and the interface is especially user-friendly. Live classes are available in classrooms around the U.S. or fully online. Your purchase includes a score increase guarantee.

Best Score Increase Guarantee: Testmasters

Courtesy of Testmasters

Testmasters GMAT prep courses come with an especially high score guarantee. If your GMAT score doesn’t improve by at least 100 points after you take the course, you can take another full-length class for free. (You do need to do all your homework, though, or the guarantee doesn’t apply.)

Testmasters offers GMAT classroom courses starting at $1099. Each course includes Testmasters GMAT prep materials (over 1,200 pages) and a copy of the Official Guide to GMAT Review. Classes are offered in varying formats, from in-person classroom courses across the country to private tutoring, online GMAT prep courses and custom group courses that you can take with friends, colleagues or classmates for a group discount.

Best On a Budget: Magoosh

Courtesy of Magoosh

Magoosh offers many of the best GMAT prep resources out there for a fraction of the cost of most other test prep programs. For just $249 for premium prep, $219 for math and integrated reasoning prep alone, and $799 for Magoosh prep plus tutoring hours, you’ll get access to e-mail assistance, study schedules, dozens of video lessons, hundreds of practice questions and answer explanations, score predictor tools and skill-building lessons.

Each package includes a different score guarantee and different amounts of one-on-one attention. A premium package also includes two full-length practice GMATs prepared by Magoosh experts. Each Magoosh GMAT prep package lets you access the content for a full year.

Best for High Scorers: Manhattan Prep

Manhattan Prep
Courtesy of Manhattan Prep

If you’re an advanced student looking to get into an especially high-ranking MBA program, or if you want to score a full scholarship for business school and just need to boost your score a few points, Manhattan Prep is an especially good resource for your GMAT prep. They offer a variety of intensives, including GMAT Boot Camp, which provides 35 hours of instruction in just two weeks for $2,699. This is best for you if you’re a fast learner with sky-high score goals.

Also, in the full-length GMAT test prep courses, for $1,399, you’ll receive all the Manhattan Prep strategy guides, including those geared specifically for high-scoring students, like Advanced Quant. You can attend the first session of any Manhattan Prep GMAT course for free, so you don’t have to make a decision right away.

Best Online Support: The Economist

The Economist
Courtesy of The Economist

The Economist GMAT prep courses include an interactive online program that adapts to your progress as you complete over 5,000 GMAT practice questions and full-length practice tests. There are also a variety of in-depth video tutorials that will walk you through fundamental skills you’ll need to do well on the exam. The GMAT prep course at The Economist does an especially excellent job of providing online support to customers. With your purchase, you’ll receive live online help anytime you need it, private attention from expert tutors, as well as personalized feedback on your practice GMAT essays.

Six months of access to complete GMAT prep costs $799 and includes three full-length practice tests, four personalized AWA scorings, 50 ask-a-tutor questions and a 50-point score improvement guarantee. Premium prep includes six one-to-one sessions, six personalized AWA scorings, five essay markings, 100 questions for a tutor and a 70-point score improvement guarantee for $899. Both of these bundles are accessible for three months. For $1,099, you’ll get six months of access to six full-length practice GMATs, unlimited ask-a-tutor questions, six essay scorings and eight one-on-one sessions.