Best Instructional Books on Putting

Putting is the most vexing part of golf for many of us. The shots are so short, yet our putts often wind up so far away! If you are one of the many who struggles on the greens, one of the books on this list of putting instructional books might help.

'Dave Stockton's Putt to Win'

golfer putting
Dave Stockton putting on the Champions Tour in 1994. (Gary Newkirk/Getty Images)

The full title is Dave Stockton's Putt to Win: Secrets for Mastering the Other Game of Golf. Stockton is one of the greatest putters in PGA Tour history who went on to become a highly sought-after putting teacher. Stockton provides tips on technique and adjustments for your attitude in this 160-page lesson book.

'The Art of Putting'

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Stan Utley hits a shot to the 14th green during the first round of the 2013 U.S. Senior Open Championship at Omaha Coutry Club on July 11, 2013 in Omaha, Nebraska. (Scott Halleran/Staff/Getty Images)

The author is Stan Utley and the subtitle is "The Revolutionary Feel-Based System for Improving Your Score." Simple, natural and repeatable - that's the Utley approach to putting. He was a struggling tour pro who transformed into a short-game guru when his fellow pros started asking him for advice. Now Utley is considered one of the best short-game teachers in golf.

'Putting My Way: A Lifetime's Worth of Tips from Golf's All-Time Greatest'

Putting My Way book cover
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Jack Nicklaus' Golf My Way (Compare Prices) is considered one of the most-influential instructional books ever written. The DVDs based on the book are considered some of the best instructional videos ever made. Will Nicklaus' book on putting some day be held in the same esteem?

All we know is that when Nicklaus needed to make a putt, he made it. The book is 160 pages long, and Nicklaus addresses equipment, reading greens, his mental approach, as well as all the fundamentals of the stroke. He also provides practice routines.

'Arnold Palmer's Complete Book of Putting'

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Arnold Palmer's long game - his length, his aggressiveness - overshadows his putting today in the minds of many golf fans. But Nicklaus knows how good a putter Palmer was in his prime. Nicklaus once said that until Tiger Woods came along, he considered Palmer the best pressure putter he'd ever seen. This book was published in 1986 and Palmer's co-author describes the secrets to the King's putting success.

'The Master of Putting'

Master of Putting book cover
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The author is George Low, not a well-known name among golf fans today, but a putter of legendary accomplishment to generations of great golfers. An reviewer wrote of this book, "Instead of revealing some kind of insider knowledge, it was just a re-hash of the basics - stance, grip, stroke, reading greens, equipment, practicing, etc." Hello! Basics are what it's all about! And you might as well get them in a concise, 84-page packet from one of the best putters, putter designers and putting instructors ever.

'Lights-Out Putting: A Mind, Body, and Soul Approach ...'

Lights Out Putting book cover
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The author is instructor Todd Sones, and the full title is Lights-Out Putting: A Mind, Body, and Soul Approach to Golf's Game Within the Game. Sones covers setup and stroke, making the best equipment choices, and developing a mindset that helps you succeed on the greens.

'Putting Out of Your Mind'

Putting Out of Your Mind book cover
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Mental game guru Dr. Bob Rotella turns his focus to the damage to putting that is done by confidence problems and negative thinking. The result is a book that focuses on eliminating bad thinking and instilling visualization techniques for the putting green.

'Dave Pelz's Putting Bible'

Dave Pelz's Putting Bible book cover
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Dave Pelz wasn't the first person to approach putting from a highly technical and scientific viewpoint. But he became the most successful. This thick book is chock full of charts and graphs, illustrating Pelz' scientific approach. A turn-off, however, is the shilling that Pelz always works in for his training aids.

'The Golf Magazine Putting Handbook'

Golf Magazine Putting Handbook cover
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From the editors of Golf Magazine, this book is something of a catch-all with advice on equipment, strategy and technique. It also includes putting drills from the magazine, plus info on alternative putting strokes (e.g., the long putter, the cross-handed grip, and so on).