The 8 Best LSAT Prep Courses of 2021

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While LSAT prep books and self-guided study can help you get ready for one of the most important exams of your life, nothing can replace a full-length prep course. We’ve scoured the best LSAT prep courses on the market for you to choose from. So whether you’re looking for the in-person classroom experience with plenty of personalized attention, an affordable self-paced course you can do on your own time, or a dynamic, multimedia online format, you’ll find the best LSAT prep courses in our curated list.

Best for Personalized Attention: Fox LSAT Prep



Nathan Fox is a well-known, expert LSAT teacher and all-around law school admissions dynamo, having scored sky-high on the exam himself and finishing law school before launching his series of six LSAT prep books and private LSAT tutoring and teaching business.

Fox offers LSAT prep courses in both online and in-person classroom formats, both for $995. The in-person courses take place in Los Angeles and San Francisco and include seven live exams and over 40 hours of live instruction. With only 24 students each and extra help sessions for every course, this class offers a great deal of personalized attention. 

Fox’s online class includes access to his books, a gateway into a private community of Fox’s students who trade tips and tricks, over 80 hours of practice question explanations, weekly two-hour extra help sessions, a question and answer session on getting into law school, and personal feedback from Fox on a law school personal statement. It’s a good way to get personalized attention without having to pay private LSAT tutoring prices.

Best Value: 7Sage LSAT Courses



7Sage prides itself on making LSAT prep accessible to and affordable for everyone, and that includes their full-length online LSAT prep courses. Prices for 7Sage courses range from $168 to about $700. All of 7Sage’s LSAT course include the Core Curriculum of LSAT materials, which includes over 400 lessons about specific question types and examples, over 50 hours of video tutorials, a personalized study plan and time management guide, a digital diagnostics tool to help you understand your progress and what to focus on when you study, and breakdowns of 7Sage’s methods for each of the LSAT sections. 

The main differences in the courses are the number of practice questions and tests included with each one, as well as the difficulty of the practice questions. LSAT Starter includes 10 practice tests and around 1,300 practice questions, while LSAT Ultimate+ includes explanations of over 7,500 practice questions and 72 printable practice LSATs, for example. The more expensive courses include more difficult problem sets for more advanced students and top scorers.

Reviewers say 7Sage’s materials and LSAT practice questions match the quality of other, much more expensive major prep courses. However, this course might not be the best option for someone who wants a great deal of personalized feedback and attention, as 7Sage is more of a self-paced, self-guided program.

Most Flexible Format: Blueprint LSAT Online Course

 blueprint LSAT Preperation

 blueprint LSAT Preperation

If you prefer to study on the go and value flexibility when it comes to instruction format, Blueprint might be the best LSAT prep course for you. 

The Online Anytime Blueprint LSAT course is $249 a month, and comes with mobile-optimized instruction for your phone, tablet, or computer. 99th percentile LSAT instructors and support teams are online and live six days a week for “office hours,” so you can pop in and ask questions almost anytime, no matter your time zone or how late you like to burn the midnight oil. The animated video lessons and answer explanations are nearly all interactive, featuring digital analytics that will allow you to track your progress easily and see exactly where you need to improve. 

Blueprint’s Live Online LSAT Prep costs $1,499 and comes with a score increase guarantee. Students get access to the Online Anytime course materials with their purchase, as well as Blueprint’s LSAT prep books, free personalized help on specific questions, and live online classroom instruction from expert instructors. 

Want to learn more? See more information about Blueprint LSAT online courses.

Best Time Management Assistance: Magoosh LSAT Prep



Magoosh LSAT test prep materials consistently stand out in terms of affordability, but the self-driven courses also come with various time management tools for those who struggle with pacing either in their study schedules or on the exam itself. Many students say they love the timed practice drills and tests, so you can master your pacing a little at a time. The customizable study schedules will also help you map out your LSAT preparation whether you’re down to the wire or playing the long game. 

The Magoosh LSAT course costs $279 a month and includes over 7000 official practice questions and more than 90 video strategy lessons for official Law School Admission Council LSATs. Magoosh tutors are on hand to answer questions 24/7.

The 12-month Magoosh course costs $299, and the only difference between the two is the amount of time you can access the materials. 

Best Intensive Course: Kaplan’s LSAT Prep, Intensive Bootcamp



If you don’t have a lot of time to get ready for the LSAT, you might consider an immersive LSAT prep course like Kaplan’s online four-week boot camps. These intensives take place throughout the year, usually just before the summer and winter tests, and usually cost around $3,990. 

Kaplan’s LSAT intensives place a high premium on improving your score as quickly as possible, starting with a diagnostic test that lets you see exactly where you’re at and what you need to improve. The online boot camps include over 120 hours of instruction and practice, including three full-length practice tests (excluding the initial diagnostic test). Kaplan LSAT intensive students also get eight hours of private tutoring from expert LSAT instructors, all of whom have been heavily vetted over the course of Kaplan’s hiring process. Finally, students get access to over 85 official practice tests.

If you don’t have a lot of time to study or absorb information more effectively in an immersive format, this course would be a good choice for you.

Most Diverse Course Options: PowerScore LSAT Prep

PowerScore Test Preparation

PowerScore Test Preparation  

PowerScore LSAT Prep has a course option for almost any student, at any level, for any time frame, and for any budget. If you like having a whole menu of options to choose from, PowerScore is one of the most flexible LSAT prep course offerings on the market.

If you’re short on funds, for example, or unsure if you’re really ready to dive into full-throttle LSAT prep, the On Demand courses are available for $195 per month. This course includes over 20 hours of pre-recorded LSAT prep lectures from 170+-scoring instructors and shorter video tutorials on specific concepts, as well as access to PowerScore’s LSAT discussion forum and digital LSAT prep center. This resource includes timed drills, progress trackers, evaluations to help you see exactly where you’re at, and plenty of practice questions. 

The Live Online course includes all of the above materials as well as live online classroom instruction for $1,395. If you’d prefer the conventional in-person classroom approach, you can take a full PowerScore LSAT course in a brick-and-mortar classroom for $1,595. Payment plans are available for both of these options.

There are also specialty courses for students with particular needs. If you’re short on both time and money, the Accelerated Course includes over 16 hours of immersive instruction and practice for $395. Top scorers and advanced students might choose an Advanced Course, taught by expert PowerScore instructor Dave Killoran, for $350. The Advanced Course delves more deeply into advanced Logic Games and Logical Reasoning problem sets. 

Best for Advanced Students: Manhattan Prep LSAT Courses

Manhattan Prep

Manhattan Prep 

If your practice LSAT scores are already high and you’re looking to take things to the next level, Manhattan Prep’s full LSAT prep course might be the best option for you. 

Manhattan Prep’s curriculum caters to advanced students in several ways. First, all of Manhattan Prep’s instructors scored in the top one percent of LSAT test-takers. Next, classes are small, and students watch video tutorials about the basics of the LSAT before stepping foot in the classroom. In-person classroom time is spent teasing out more advanced problem sets, discussing difficult concepts, and breaking out into small groups for drills and practice. So you won’t waste time covering the basics that advanced students probably already know.

Finally, Manhattan Prep is known for applying the principles of the latest pedagogical research (“learning science”) to its standardized test prep, so you’ll be able to approach the practice questions a little differently than in more conventional prep courses.

The complete Manhattan Prep LSAT prep course costs $1,399, while additional one-on-one coaching bumps up the price to $1,699. The course includes over 30 hours of classroom instruction, as well as access to online resources like practice questions and progress trackers. 

Most Hours of Live Instruction: Princeton Review LSAT Prep

 The Princeton Review

 The Princeton Review

Princeton Review is one of the flagship standardized test prep companies, and it’s best known for its quality private tutoring and excellent classroom instruction. Its LSAT prep course is no exception. 

For $1,499, LSAT prep students get over 84 hours of live instruction from a vetted Princeton Review teacher. The live online instruction allows for a genuine rapport between students and instructor, and lets test-takers ask any questions they might have in real time. All the classes are recorded so that students can review them later if they’re missing anything from their notes. 

With their course purchase, students also get access to around 8,000 realistic LSAT practice questions, six full-length timed practice tests, and over 150 hours of video tutorials and other online content. The Princeton Review Student Portal also has a wealth of resources on time management, test-taking strategy, and testing anxiety.

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