The 8 Best MCAT Practice Tests of 2021

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If you’re preparing for med school, full-length MCAT practice tests are crucial for your overall preparation. 

An initial diagnostic test will help you know where you stand score-wise before you start studying for each of the four sections: Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems; Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems; Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior; and Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills. Meanwhile, regular practice will help you develop the endurance you need to get ready for this whopper of a 7.5-hour test.  

Most full-length MCATs are sold in bundles of three or four, whether in a printed book or online resource. When you’re looking for a quality MCAT practice test, you should look for a focus on high-yield topics (the ones that are most likely to be tested on exam day), realistic and well-written practice questions, and quality answer explanations. Other considerations might include budget and affordability, delivery format, and how difficult the practice passages are. 

We’ve assembled a list of the best MCAT practice tests on the market, based on quality, price, and extra features. Read on to find the best prep materials for you as you get ready for med school.

Best Budget: 7 Full Length Practice Tests for the MCAT

Taking the MCAT and applying to med school is expensive enough, so your MCAT prep shouldn’t have to cost you a pretty penny.’s book of seven full-length MCAT practice tests (five in the print book, two online) has the most bang for your buck when it comes to the sheer volume of practice questions you can get on a budget. You’ll get access to over 1,600 practice questions with your purchase. 

The simulated exams allow you to score your own work and convert your results to an approximate scaled score. They’re not perfect simulations—the questions are realistic, but not identical to the real MCAT—but they’re close enough to provide some great practice at a low price. The book also comes with one year of access to online tutorials, interactive MCAT discussion boards, and answer explanations covering all the MCAT-relevant basics in Physics, Biochemistry, General Chem, and Organic Chemistry.

Best Advanced Questions: Examkrackers



One of the biggest mistakes aspiring med school students make is to study using too-easy MCAT practice questions. The Examkrackers series of EK-Exams is known for how challenging it is; the authors (high-scoring medical students) purposely focus on medium and hard practice questions, so that the MCAT might even seem a little easier than usual on exam day. 

Each online practice test costs $40. Your EK-Exam purchase comes with six months of digital access to the simulated exam, as well as answer explanations for every practice question. Practice Test Mode allows you to score as you go—a good choice for the early stages of MCAT prep, or working through an especially difficult section—while the simulated exam lets you pretend it’s the actual test day in terms of timing, format, and content. 

Most Realistic Practice Questions: The Berkeley Review

The Berkeley Review

The Berkeley Review

Unlike some of the other, more well-known test prep companies, The Berkeley Review only covers a single exam: the MCAT. Many students and test-takers say that this makes The Berkeley Review’s content more realistic and high-quality, as the practice questions are all written by MCAT experts and not general standardized test prep writers. 

The Berkeley Review’s MCAT practice tests can be bought in bundles: Practice Exams I & II for $79, Practice Exams III & IV for the same price, or Practice Exams I - V for $149. You’ll get full online access to the simulated exams (computer-based tests, or CBTs) for 12 weeks, starting the day you make your purchase. Some reviewers say that The Berkeley Review’s practice questions test on materials is too obscure (low-yield) rather than high-yield and commonly tested, but others say they value the difficulty of the questions on these practice tests.

Best for Cramming: AAMC MCAT Practice Exams

Association of American Medical Colleges

Association of American Medical Colleges

If you don’t have much time to study or aren’t sure where to start, the MCAT’s actual authors are a good place to begin your prep. Experts at The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) write the MCAT, and they’ve released several full-length practice tests for purchase. Each practice exam is $35, and many students swear by them for obvious reasons. They’re likeliest to give you the most realistic preparation for your upcoming exam day. 

You will be able to access your 230-question practice MCAT for 365 days from the day you purchase it. You can use this practice test to simulate exam day from start to finish, including both a percentile rank and a scaled score. The on-screen timer and other features, such as strikethrough and highlighting, are identical to those you’ll see on official exam day. You can review your progress by combing through your saved score reports, and the digital resource hub—MCAT Foundational Concepts, Content Categories, and Skills—will allow you to brush up on key concepts.

Best Online Resources: Kaplan’s MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review



Kaplan’s prep books often come with access to a wealth of useful digital resources, and their bundled series of MCAT prep books and practice tests is no exception.

This bundle of prep books is pricey, but most buyers say it’s worth it. This section-by-section MCAT review is painstakingly detailed, complete with high-quality illustrations and diagrams, and thoroughly updated to reflect all the recent changes in the exam. Guided examples and practice problems walk you through peer-reviewed scientific articles and the best strategies for approaching open-ended questions. The most commonly tested topics are marked with “High-Yield” badges to let you know what to expect and what you should focus on most in your test prep.

With your purchase, you get one year of access to three full-length online MCAT practice tests with detailed answer explanations. You can also drill specific skills with other digital resources, like customizable practice questions and quizzes, as well as video tutorials on various MCAT topics by expert Kaplan instructors.

Want a little extra help? Take a peek at some Kaplan MCAT courses to sign up for.

Best Comprehensive Review: The Princeton Review MCAT, 3rd Edition

The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review

If you prefer your MCAT prep and practice tests to come in a single all-in-one package, The Princeton Review’s MCAT prep book is a solid choice. The section-by-section reviews cover the MCAT from every possible angle, from Organic and General Chemistry to Psychology and Sociology, Biology, Physics and Math, Biochemistry, and Critical Analysis and Reasoning. Critical thinking questions in each chapter will help you drill your skills and reflect on what you’ve learned. If you’re a visual learner, you’ll especially appreciate this prep material, as it comes with a 16-page reference guide (“cheat sheet”) to all the MCAT basic concepts, including formulas, tables, illustrations, charts, and diagrams. Be aware, though, that readers say the review is comprehensive in terms of all the high-yield topics, but a few niche subjects aren’t covered in detail. 

Your purchase of The Princeton Review’s MCAT prep book comes with access to four full-length, realistic practice MCATs, all available online. The Princeton Review’s expert instructors and authors are well-vetted, and the online format is a good simulation for what you’ll see on exam day.

Best Psychology Content: Blueprint Prep MCAT Full-Length Practice Exams



The psychology, sociology, and behavioral science content on the MCAT was added in 2015 after only very rare changes had been made to the classic exam since 1991. Some aspiring med school students are thrown for a loop by this content, but Blueprint's MCAT practice tests and questions are known for being consistently updated to reflect any changes to the exam. In particular, the MCAT psychology questions are becoming increasingly difficult and are beginning to include more questions on experimental design and execution, which is reflected in Blueprint’s prep materials.

A bundle of four full-length practice MCAT tests, including unlimited access to one diagnostic test and six months of access to three more, costs $99. Meanwhile, a six-MCAT bundle costs $149, and a 10-MCAT bundle costs $249. The 10-MCAT package for $399 also includes Blueprint’s QBank, a digital “bank” of nearly 4,000 practice questions that students can customize into timed drills and quizzes. Study planning tools and digital assessments allow test-takers to track their progress as they prep. 

Best Chemistry and Physical Sciences Content: Sterling Test Prep MCAT Practice Tests

Sterling Test Prep

Sterling Test Prep

If you want to practice section by section for the MCAT, or really need to beef up on a given section, Sterling Test Prep offers an affordable series of section-specific bundled practice tests that can help. 

This prep book contains four full-length Chemical and Physical Foundations section practice tests, with questions in the same ratio—in terms of type, length, format, difficulty, and content—as those on the actual MCAT. Readers say the answer explanations for the 59 practice questions in each test are detailed, providing helpful step-by-step guides to specific MCAT science-based skills and concepts. Buyers get a discount on other Sterling Test Prep books and online resources with their purchase, so you can focus on several areas of study if you like.

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