Best Online Forestry Equipment Companies

Forestry, Logging and Arborist Equipment Suppliers

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You can buy quality forestry and tree related supplies at reasonable prices on the Internet. You just have to know where to look. Here are five of the best sites.

Try these online catalogs the next time you purchase forestry and arboriculture equipment. I've picked them because of the convenience of online ordering, ease of site navigation, and reputation. These businesses are well established and have been supplying foresters, natural resource managers and timber growers for decades.

Ben Meadows Company

"When the Outdoors is Your Office."

A young forester named Ben Meadows became increasingly frustrated with the difficulties finding field equipment in the United States. Ben solved the problem by founding a company to supply foresters and engineers with the finest equipment available.

The Ben Meadows Company is now a privately owned company with annual sales of more than $20 million specializing in equipment for the natural resources and forestry markets throughout North America.


Forestry Suppliers, Inc

"Always the Best and the Newest for All Outdoor Pros"

Forester Jim Craig started what was to become Forestry Suppliers in 1949 in Jackson, Mississippi. Packages for Parcel Post shipment to customers were were wrapped and loaded on a Red Wagon and pulled to a nearby post office. They have come a long way since then.

Today, Forestry Suppliers, Inc. is a direct-mail supplier for natural resource professionals worldwide.

Their annual catalog features thousands of quality products.


Bailey's Online

"The World's Largest Woodsman Supply Company."

Jim Bailey suffered a logging accident in 1975 that changed his life - for the better. Jim retired from logging to start a national woodsman supply business that sells at discounted prices.

"We didn't know that the odds of survival in business for more than two years were slim and that the odds that we would remain in business for twenty-five years were even greater, but we've made it. Wow!"

  • Bailey's Online


Madsen's Shop and Supply

"The Pro's Choice for over 58 Years!"

In 1946 Magnus Madsen set up shop and called it "Madsen's Repair Shop." Little did he realize that a new invention called the "chainsaw" and his ability to fix them would launch a new business, now called Madsen's Shop and Supply.

Madsen's facility is a large warehouse in Washington state with thirty thousand square feet of tools, supplies, and outdoor work wear. Madsen's customers are in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and worldwide through the Web.


New Tribe Tree Climbing Gear

From New Tribe Tree Climbing Gear:

"NEW TRIBE is dedicated to meeting the tree climbing equipment and training needs of recreational tree climbers. These are some of the same needs that working arborists and forest research scientists share. We are proud to have many good friends in all three groups. Every tree climber is important to us."