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Certified online teachers are more in demand than ever. Many parents and teachers alike are considering getting out of the classroom and carving out an online educational space instead. Plus, certified classroom teachers have a wealth of opportunities to transition into the world of e-learning.

We’ve compiled a list of the best online teaching jobs available, from online public school positions for state-certified K–12 teachers to jobs at well-established, private virtual academies. If you’re an elementary or secondary classroom teacher looking for a new position, you’re sure to find your next opportunity here.

Best Overall: Connections Academy

Connections Academy

Connections Academy

Connections Academy offers accredited, tuition-free, online public schools for K–12 students throughout the U.S. In addition to Gifted and Talented classes for elementary and middle school students, Connections Academy offers honors and AP courses, as well as a college prep program and career and technical education to prepare students for future jobs.

Many Connections Academy students have learning differences, while others have been bullied or have struggled to make connections with their peers. Each state's virtual school offers field trips, clubs, a summer connections program, and other opportunities for relationship-building to promote inclusivity and community.

Teachers at Connections Academy have to be licensed to teach in the state where their virtual academy is located. There are often hundreds of job opportunities at any given time. In addition to base compensation, teachers can earn performance-based bonuses and pay increases after positive annual reviews, in addition to advancement through the Career Ladder program.

Benefits are based on your state’s requirements, but they generally include a 401(k) plan, healthcare coverage, paid leave, tuition assistance, FSA and HSA plans, life insurance, and more.

Most Well-Known: K12



K12 is one of the biggest names in the virtual teaching space and offers many of the best online teaching jobs available. K12 partners with school districts and other educational programs to offer sophisticated, dynamic online curriculum options for K–12 students from all backgrounds and locations.

All K12 teachers are state-certified and provide instruction at one of the organization’s public or private online schools. The tuition-free, virtual public schools follow a traditional school year and adhere to the relevant state’s guidelines in terms of assessments, testing, and expectations. Full-time students earn a high school diploma and have the option to interact with their peers both online and at in-person clubs and events.

K12’s online private school options serve nontraditional students and students with unique needs. The Keystone School, for example, has a diploma-granting program for adults, as well as self-paced courses, AP classes, and flexible course schedules. The George Washington University Online High School is aimed at advanced learners with an eye toward rigorous college preparation. K12 Private Academy, for international students, serves students around the world and has year-round start dates.

K12 hires certified teachers throughout the year and almost always has a variety of jobs available. Employees receive a generous benefits package, including a 401(k) plan, paid time off (PTO), paid parental leave, and healthcare, dental, and vision coverage.

Best International: Edmentum



Edmentum partners with over 8,000 school districts across the U.S. along with 75 countries to deliver sophisticated educational technology, student assessments, courseware, and virtual curriculum.

Edmentum’s virtual, accredited EdOptions Academy offers courses for K–12 students, in addition to adult learners. The academy focuses on offering an alternative pathway to graduation for students who are encountering obstacles along the way. Teachers at EdOptions Academy are certified to teach in Ohio—so if you have an Ohio teaching certificate, this is an option for you.

But Edmentum also offers jobs for virtual "highly-qualified teachers," usually on 10-month schedules, across the U.S. in a wide variety of subjects. Teaching certification and location requirements vary by position.

Educators at Edmentum have access to a generous benefits package, including 401(k) and Roth 401(k) plans with company match; medical, dental, and vision insurance; FSA and HAS plans; tuition reimbursement; and a parental leave program.

Best Variety: Forest Trail Academy

Forest Trail Academy

Forest Trail Academy

Forest Trail Academy (FTA), an accredited online K–12 school for students from around the globe, offers a wide variety of virtual instruction in a range of formats. In addition to a fully accredited diploma program, FTA’s educators also teach AP classes, summer school electives, and remedial courses.

Homeschool students can choose from secular and Christian correspondence courses, while a dual-enrollment option allows high schoolers to earn college credit from Waldorf University. FTA is also a common pick for international students, advanced learners, and non-native English speakers, as well as students who need adaptive/prescriptive learning programs due to learning differences or other challenges.

Many FTA teachers rave about the flexibility of their schedules in a work-from-home environment, while others say they enjoy working with such a diverse group of students from around the world. Teachers should have at least a bachelor’s degree, as well as previous instructional experience and a current teaching certificate in one or more subjects.

Best for Christians: Alpha Omega Academy

Alpha Omega Academy

Alpha Omega Academy

Alpha Omega Academy (AOA) is a regionally and internationally accredited online Christian school for students in grades 1–12. In addition to individual, enrichment courses for students from homeschooling families, AOA also offers an accredited diploma program for full-time students and a dual-credit option for high school students to earn college credit at two partnering Christian universities.

The curriculum at AOA is Bible-based and is taught specifically from a Christian worldview, so instructors should be prepared to teach faith-based coursework. Teachers at AOA also have to be very familiar with technology and be ready to wear a lot of different hats. They must communicate frequently with students and parents via phone, email, and video chat, in addition to providing live instruction, personalized academic coaching, and regular feedback online.

Most of the teaching positions advertised at AOA are part-time. AOA’s teachers have bachelor’s degrees and often advanced graduate degrees in the subject(s) they teach, as well as teaching licenses. The academy also prefers to hire educators with prior online or hybrid model teaching experience.

Best for Language Learning: iTutorGroup



iTutorGroup falls outside the scope of many of the other schools and platforms on this list, as its focus is on language learning rather than more traditional classroom settings. But if you have a bachelor’s degree, a TESOL/TEFL/TESL certification, or a related degree, teaching English at iTutorGroup could be one of the best online teaching jobs you can get to supplement your income from home.

iTutorGroup hires TESL/TEFL/TESOL-certified teachers for its language learning hubs like TutorABC and TutorJr. Instructors should also have prior teaching experience, either in-person or online, and be a native English speaker from the U.S., the UK, Canada, or Australia.

Instructors may host one-on-one sessions with students or work with small digital classrooms of up to six students at a time. They have to commit to five or more hours of teaching per week, broken up into 25-minute sessions for younger learners and 45-minute sessions for older ones.

Best for Creative Educators: Laurel Springs School

Laurel Springs School

Laurel Springs School

Laurel Springs School has been offering an accredited, flexible private school education to K–12 students for nearly three decades. Student-athletes, professional performers, military families, international students, homeschooling families, and highly advanced or creative students often choose Laurel Springs because of its asynchronous learning model.

Laurel Springs offers some of the best online teaching jobs for educators who enjoy working with creative students. Some students earn credit for Personal Project Portfolios, in which they compile and present their artistic work. The school’s Gifted & Talented Academy offers advanced coursework to challenge critical thinkers and gifted learners. Laurel Springs also has opportunities for instructors who teach electives or who specialize in subjects outside the usual core competencies, such as music and computer science.

Teachers at Laurel Springs work as independent contractors and are expected to have current teaching certificates in their area of interest—with dual certification preferred. They prefer candidates with master’s degrees in relevant subjects. Laurel Springs asks that applicants have an excellent understanding of technology, prior experience with learning management systems, and well-developed communication skills.

Best for Independent Contractors: International Virtual Learning Academy

International Virtual Learning Academy

International Virtual Learning Academy

International Virtual Learning Academy (IVLA) is an online, accredited private school for K–12 students from around the world. Many student-athletes and performers choose to attend IVLA because of the school’s extreme flexibility in terms of schedule and curriculum delivery.

IVLA places an emphasis on offering each student a highly individualized study plan and one-on-one academic support, as well as on building community through clubs and other opportunities for social interaction. Teachers who enjoy building strong relationships with individual students might appreciate the atmosphere here.

IVLA offers elementary, middle school, high school, and adult high school options. Students graduate with a high school diploma from California, so instructors have to meet the state of California’s requirements for qualified private school educators.

Teachers at IVLA work as independent contractors. They must have a current teaching license to apply. IVLA’s teachers should also have previous experience in online teaching, as they must be comfortable with the school’s immersive virtual platforms for instruction, mentorship, and collaboration with students and parents.

How We Chose the Best Online Teaching Jobs

We selected the best online teaching jobs on this list for their commitment to hiring quality instructors with appropriate certifications in their fields. We also gave weight to each school’s or company’s accreditation and effective use of technology, as well as their reputation among students and parents in the online teaching space.

Some of the organizations on this list, such as K12, were selected for their strong employee benefits packages and a wide range of opportunities for aspiring and current online educators. We also included schools that might appeal to teachers from specific backgrounds—such as educators who are open to teaching from a Christian worldview, in the case of Alpha Omega Academy—or who have particular interests, such as ESL instruction at iTutorGroup’s language learning platforms.

What Are Online Teachers?

Online teachers are educators who work in the virtual space. They teach in a variety of settings, from immersive digital classrooms to small groups or "micro-schools" to one-on-one sessions with students. These positions may be full-time, part-time, or on an as-needed basis. Many are trained specifically to teach online.

Can Online Teachers Work Both Nationally and Internationally?

Yes, online teachers can and often do work both nationally and internationally. The popularity of online international schools for K–12 students is growing steadily. Bilingual/multilingual instructors are particularly likely to be in demand.

What Are the Requirements for Becoming an Online Teacher?

While not every online teaching job requires state certification in the subject(s) you teach and an active teaching license, many do. Most online teaching jobs also require applicants to have at least a bachelor’s degree and previous teaching experience. Some schools and platforms prefer to hire teachers who have prior experience or education teaching online. Applicants also typically have to provide references and pass a criminal background check.

How Much Do Online Teachers Make?

Online teachers’ salaries vary widely depending on their qualifications, such as their level of education, unique expertise or specialization, and years of teaching experience. However, estimates for the annual salaries of online teachers are roughly in the $35,000 to $50,000 range.

Full-time positions for certified online teachers often include benefits packages, such as health insurance, paid parental leave, bonus opportunities, paid time off (PTO), and a 401(k) plan.

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