The 8 Best SAT/ACT Online Tutoring Services of 2021

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When selecting an SAT/ACT online tutoring service, it’s important to make the right decision for your particular needs. You don’t want to waste valuable time and money with a test prep tutoring service that isn’t the right fit. Our guide to the best SAT/ACT online tutoring services will help you select the perfect virtual tutor and, hopefully, ace your exam.

Best Customizability: Testive



Testive’s SAT/ACT online tutoring plans can be altered to fit virtually any student’s needs and goals. Once you’re paired with a Testive Coach and undergo an assessment and initial consultation, you and the Coach (and your family) will set up a specific study timeline and a series of landmarks to help you reach your test prep goals. Then, you’ll follow the Testive study software each day, completing practice tests, drills and questions customized for your specific strengths and weaknesses. Alongside a specifically tailored study plan that adapts as you progress, reinforcing lessons you're struggling with and moving on when a skill is mastered, Testive Coaches meet with students weekly or more to check in on and discuss their progress.

Testive coaching packages range from $399/month for a basic package to $699 for a monthly package with more one-on-one instruction, which can be particularly helpful if you or your child struggle in a particular subject area. An intensive coaching program (“ bootcamp”) over four to six weeks costs $799.

Best Money-Back Guarantee: Princeton Review

Princeton Review

Princeton Review

If you’re worried about wasting your cash on a standardized test tutoring service that isn’t right for you, look no further than Princeton Review. Princeton Review offers a money-back guarantee if your SAT or ACT score doesn’t increase. A self-paced online Princeton Review tutoring program for the ACT or SAT costs $299. If your score doesn’t improve, your tuition will be refunded. If your tutor doesn’t work out for you after the first session, you can get another tutor for a free first session.

The Princeton Review SAT/ACT tutoring program is in-depth and intensive. Over the course of the program, you’ll be matched with tutors in different subject areas and overseen by a tutoring manager who will keep up to date on your test prep progress. Your tutoring package purchase includes access to a variety of online tools, including over 280 video tutorials from Princeton Review instructors, many full-length practice tests, and over 3,200 practice questions. You’ll also take many full-length SAT and ACT practice tests over the course of your tutoring sessions. You’ll schedule and manage your progress and tutoring sessions with Princeton Review apps.

Best for Long-Term Tutoring: Kaplan

Courtesy of Kaplan

If you need to greatly increase your SAT or ACT score, or if you’re someone who would benefit from long-term skill building alongside your test prep tutor, Kaplan’s intensive tutoring packages could be a good fit. Kaplan tutoring packages start at $1,999 for 10 hours of instruction and are best if you have at least a month to study. For $2,899, you can get 20 hours of live online instruction. You can get 30 hours of tutoring for $3,799, which is ideal for students who have a minimum of two months to study before taking the SAT or ACT.

A tutoring package includes a full-length SAT or ACT Kaplan test prep course, as well as one-on-one tutoring hours, online prep tools, eight full-length practice exams, as well as practice questions you can access at any time during a study session. Your purchase also includes four Kaplan test prep books and practice quizzes you can take on a smartphone or computer.

Best Methodology: Compass Prep

Compass Prep
Courtesy of Compass Prep

Compass Prep takes great pains to ensure that you’re matched from the get-go with the best SAT or ACT tutor for your particular needs, schedule and learning style. You’ll start with an expert assessment of any practice tests you’ve taken in the past, followed by a full-length practice SAT or ACT proctored by a live online instructor. Compass Prep will match you with a tutor based on the results, as well as your particular preferences.

Once you’ve been matched with your Compass Prep tutor, you’ll receive a document camera so your tutor can follow your progress in real time. Tutoring sessions take place with the help of an interactive online whiteboard and video conferencing. You will also receive exclusive Compass Prep SAT/ACT practice materials that are only available to Compass Prep students.

Best in Flexibility: StudyPoint

Study Point

Study Point

Worried that many tutoring services won’t be able to fit your schedule? StudyPoint SAT/ACT tutoring packages are highly flexible and can be undertaken at any time. Their delivery methods and packages also vary widely, allowing you to select from a range of options and fully customize your test prep.

The comprehensive StudyPoint SAT/ACT tutoring package includes 30 hours of private one-on-one online instruction from an expert tutor, as well as instruction in every section of the standardized test. It also includes a personal assessment and customized homework plan that caters to your specific strengths and weaknesses, as well as four full-length practice exams and a score increase guarantee. This program is best for students who have never studied for the test. The review program is best for students who have either also taken the exam once or who have already studied and want a brush-up. It includes 18 hours of tutoring. StudyPoint also offers an intensive tutoring package that comes with 60 hours of one-on-one instruction.

Best SAT/ACT Essay Prep: Ivy Bound

Ivy Bound
Courtesy of Ivy Bound

The optional SAT and ACT essays are often neglected by students, but they make a big difference in your application to many admissions committees. Because admissions officials often read your essays even if they don’t require them, the essay can be a great place to outshine other applicants and showcase your creativity. Many top-notch schools require the essay for admission, and others use it as a way to select students for scholarships, grants and other forms of financial aid. Ivy Bound offers specialized instruction in all areas of the SAT and ACT, but their work with SAT/ACT essays is especially notable.

Ivy Bound offers full-service one-on-one and group tutoring in ACT and SAT test prep, as well as essay workshops and brainstorming sessions. You can also have your practice essays scored and critiqued by expert instructors, so you can assess your progress as you continue to prepare for the exam. An expert grader who is not your regular SAT/ACT tutor will score your essay after you’ve emailed it in, and your tutor can work those essay evaluations and feedback into your tutoring sessions.

Best Technology: Revolution Prep

Revolution Prep

Revolution Prep

Revolution Prep’s online interactive interface is user-friendly and makes great use of advanced technology to deliver quality SAT/ACT tutoring. Live online homework help from expert tutors is available every day for a subscription price of $99/month. Private tutoring ranges from $1,398 for 12 hours to $3,599 for 36 hours.

Various packages are also on offer depending on your schedule and how much you want your score to increase. The “intensive” Revolution Prep tutoring package, for example, includes 48 hours of instruction and several practice tests, and 60-hour tutoring packages are also available. A full range of online resources, such as practice questions and customized updates on progress, complement your tutoring package.

Revolution Prep tutors are full-time employees rather than part-time instructors, which means they have the benefit of extensive additional career development, regular assessments and consistent updated training.

Best All-in-One Tutoring Package: PrepScholar



PrepScholar’s SAT/ACT online tutoring packages are especially comprehensive. All of their packages integrate the use of PrepScholar’s Automated Prep online program, which adapts to your progress as you complete drills and practice tests and breaks up your study sessions with expert video tutorials and interactive lessons, with one-on-one tutoring hours. The Automated Prep program includes over 1,600 SAT/ACT practice questions and 5 to 10 full-length practice exams.

You can choose what mix you want of tutor-led and self-paced learning. For example, their Monitored Automated Prep package includes four hours of tutoring, regular tutor check-ins and about 40 hours of automated drills and prep for $995. The tutor-led program costs $1,995 and includes 12 hours of hands-on instruction and 40 hours of online drills.

PrepScholar SAT/ACT tutoring packages come with a point score increase guarantee: 160 points or more on the SAT, and four or more points on the ACT. All tutors are 99th percentile scorers on the SAT, ACT, or both, and all attended top-ranked colleges.

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