10 Best Park Snowboards for 2014-2015

The best park boards for jibbing and flying high this season

You need a good board to land big air. Photo © Matt Gibson

If you want to take your park riding skills to the next level you'll need a board that’s ready to fly high with you. Park snowboards are lighter, shorter, and more flexible than most other boards. This enables you jib, ollie, and spin more easily. If you're looking for a sick park setup this year, these 10 park snowboards for the 2014-2015 season are designed to help you perform.

Arbor Westmark

Price: $399

Arbor’s Westmark is made for intermediate and advanced riders who want to shred faster and launch higher. The Westmark is a Transworld Snowboarding Good Wood winner for its flex, response and stability. And because the Westmark is fast and stable, you can ride it on all-mountain terrain when you need a break from the park.

Lib Tech Burtner Box Scratcher

Price: $459.95

The Burtner Box Scratcher is ready for all of the park abuse you’re going to throw at it. The Magne-Traction edge provides superior grip in tough conditions and the blunted tips help you avoid catching an edge on landing and take-off. The soft flex makes this board incredibly playful, but Lib Tech’s Banana technology means you get plenty of pressure between your bindings for precise turns and better hold on icy park features.

Nitro Swindle

Price: $227.97

True park junkies will fall in love with the Nitro Swindle. It’s made specifically for park and street features with Nitro’s Railkiller Edges, Whiplash Core Profile, and Powercore II construction.

This board can handle all of the daily beatings you throw at it, whether you’re sliding benches, jibbing off of stumps, or grinding park rails.

Burton Name Dropper

Price: $419.95

The Burton Name Dropper is made for the next generation of park riders — those who want smoother takeoffs, enhanced grip, more response, and superior stability on landings.

Burton’s Flat Top design means you get plenty of forgiving rocker in the nose and tail, but plenty of stability between your feet for precise turns and more snap than ever.

Gnu Street Series

Price: $300.97

Jibbing just got a whole lot better with the Gnu Street Series. This board’s BTX rocker and camber provides better float and more jibbing capability than ever and the sintered base can withstand the beatings of destructive park features. The unique nose and tail kink provides a unique street shape that feels as much like a skateboard as it does a snowboard.

Burton Nug

Price: $420

The Burton Nug could change the design of park snowboards forever. It’s recommended that you ride this board 8 to 10-centimeters shorter than your all-mountain board for a more maneuverable ride than ever. The flat profile provides superior balance and edge control, so you don’t lose stability with its shorter size. And despite the board’s small size, it’s unique bend and shape means you can ride it on groomers and light powder if you want to.

Academy Propa Camba

Price: $395

The Academy Propa Camba is a “Good Wood” park snowboard for a reason. The deck was created specifically with park performance in mind. The true twin tip shape and straight camber provides control as well as plenty of pop for head-turning ollies.

A wood core with fiberglass layup offer plenty of flex, but all of the stability you need to tackle other parts of the mountain too.

Rome Butterknife

Price: $389.99

Similar to the Burton Nug, the Butterknife is meant to be ridden slightly shorter than your usual all-mountain board, so you can perform more insane maneuvers than ever. The 3D camber in the board’s nose and tail is what makes it so easy to butter and spin, but Rome’s NoHang-Ups technology means you get the stability you need to master takeoffs and stomp landings too.

Capita Ultrafear

Price: $469.95

The Capita Ultrafear won the 2013 Transworld Snowbaording “Good Wood” award for its exceptional performance in and out of the park. It’s known to be one of the best jib boards on the market, but the RFC Sustainable Dual Core and Freestyle FK shape help this board float through powder and speed down groomers too.

Salomon The Villain

Price: $460

It’s called “The Villain” because it’s ready to tear every park feature to pieces. The board is flat between the bindings with more rocker on the nose and tail, so you can jib off of anything you please. But unlike many other jib-specific boards, this board features Salomon’s kinked sidecut for better balance, and offers plenty of stability for launching huge airs off of jumps and in the pipe.

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