Best Drawing Pencils For Beginners and Professionals

Best Drawing Pencils To Use For Great Results in Your Artwork

Colored Drawing Pencils
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Best Drawing Pencils To Use For Great Results

For artists, passion for the arts and perfection is the key to their success. Their passion goes as far as creating a big masterpiece and down to scrutinizing the materials they use, to ensure only the best for their work.

After all, these materials are the mediums through which they exhibit their skill. It is only proper that they know of what the best materials are out there, considering the masterpiece they are about to do. Drawing, illustrating, and sketching are among the art forms which require a great degree of scrutiny.

Artists who are engage in this kind of work deserve only the best and finest quality of material they need from the market. Believe it or not, the most basic material that they need is a pencil, which we will learn later on that it is not as basic as we think.

One of the materials basic to all of us is the pencil. However for artists it is not enough that they use “A” pencil, it should always be “THE” pencil. I have rounded up some of the best and finest pencils out there to help out aspiring artists know what they should buy. I can say these brands are the best drawing pencils you can find.

First on our list is Caran D’Ache, which offers a variety of pencils and they in fact have a line of only the best quality pencils for you. Caran d’Ache Graphite Line is a 29-piece sketching equipment containing only the best quality pencils you deserve. It contains multiple pencils with varying ranges of graphite, covered by a smooth and sleek exterior. To further exemplify the kind of quality they deliver, they have included blenders for shading as well as sharpeners.

Coming second is Staedlter, one the brands we have all known since the memorial of time. But unknown to some of us is that they also carry their own line of pencils specifically for sketching or drawing. Their Mars Lumograph series does not disappoint and even encapsulates the excellent reputation that they have.

Their sketching pencils are made of cedar wood protected with a water based lacquer, making the lead break-resistant. The pencils also offer different kinds of grade to ensure the artists flexibility and making every art sophisticated and concise.

Another familiar brand to us all is Faber Castell, making pencils since the 18th century and believe it or not while Van Gogh was still alive. Their Pitt Monochrome Graphite range offers various kinds of pencil grades from the hardest to the softest, without breaking the quality of the wood and the lead. The set is a sophisticated option not be played around just by anyone, and is best left with professionals on the go.

A brand which definitely knows what it is talking about is The Cumberland Pencil Company. Their success dates back to 1832 where since then they have become a key player, after discovering graphite deposits in the Cumbrian valley of Borrowdale. The line that they boast for artist is the Derwent Graphic, which comes in a hexagonal shape for a better grip. Unlike the above-mentioned pencils, Derwent Pencils are sold individually, making it easier for artists to just “Sketch-and-go” with a pencil which is best suited to their needs.

And now down to the last brand which encapsulates the best of the best is the Lyra Remrandt Art Design pencil. Their pencils offer a constant degree of hardness, with a break resistant lead that offers accuracy, precision, and neatness. Their set comprises of pencils with different graphite hardness, making it an ideal set for artists and illustrators to draw freely and experiment on their work.

An artist needs only the finest materials to be used for his or her masterpieces. Although the quality of tools is not the main factor on how beautiful the final output of the artist will be, it does play a big role in the creation of a masterpiece. If an artist does not have quality tools, then his artwork will not be as nice. Of course, it all starts with the pencil.

The pencil is by far the most widely used of all artwork materials in the world of art. Without this one tool, it will definitely be hard for artists to create something. If you are an artist that wants to create something beautiful and out of this world, you need to invest in some good materials.

The drawing pencils I mentioned above are top quality pencils that only the best artists use. I would definitely recommend that you buy pencils from any of these brands if you want your drawings to really come to life. Only the best drawing pencils can help you achieve your goal of creating something wonderful.