Best Places to Sell Used Textbooks Online

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Textbooks are expensive. With most books costing $100 or more each, it's not unheard of for students to spend well over $1,000 on textbooks during their academic career. And once you're done with a textbook, what do you do with it?

Some schools offer a buyback program that will take your textbooks back and give you cash in return. Unfortunately, they rarely pay top dollar, which means you might take a considerable loss. A second option is to sell your used textbooks online. This latter option might just put a few more dollars back into your pocket. Get tips on how to sell used textbooks for cash.

Where to Sell Used Textbooks

There are a number of places to sell used textbooks online. Some of them allow you to sell directly to buyers, and others sell the books for you so that you can put a significant sum of money in your pocket without doing a lot of work. 

Before selling any of your used textbooks, you should take the time to compare the different prices you will get from the various outlets that sell books. Of course, you don't want to get too carried away with the comparison if you don't have a lot of time on your hands. There are tons of sites that buy used textbooks; you could spend hours comparing prices on just one book.

You're better off making a list of options and checking those sites in particular. Some of the best places to sell use textbooks include:

  • BetterWorldBooks: You can sell or donate your books to this site. BetterWorld pays the shipping.
  • BIGWORDS: Get up to 75 percent of your money back when you use BIGWORD's buyback comparison tool.
  • Blue Rectangle: This site pays the shipping when you sell your used textbooks to them.
  • Book Scouter: Use this site to find the website that will buy your used textbooks for the highest price.
  • BooksIntoCash: This long-established site offers fast payment and free shipping to students who want to get rid of old textbooks.
  • This site buys used textbooks from both students and faculty.
  • Cash 4 Books: You can receive a payment within three business days when you sell used textbooks to this website.
  • CKY Books: CKY will send you payment within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your used textbooks.
  • CollegeSmarts: You can sell and trade your used textbooks on CollegeSmarts.
  • Craigslist: Craigslist is a great place to sell anything--textbooks are no exception.
  • eBay: On eBay, you can set a reserve and get the price you need for your used textbooks.
  • This site guarantees the most money for your used textbooks. Other perks include free shipping and fast payment.
  • This eBay site is a great place to sell used textbooks.
  • Kijiji: This classifieds site is a good place to sell used textbooks and other school supplies.
  • Get free shipping labels, fast payment, and other perks from this site.
  • SellBackBooks: This site offers instant quotes and fast payment with direct deposits.
  • Textbook Buyer: You can sell used textbooks, manuals, and other study materials through Textbook Buyer.
  • This site pays 200 percent more than bookstores that buy textbooks.
  • Valore Books: Valore is known for having some of the highest buyback prices.
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