Top Best Poker Chip Sets Under $100

Looking to buy a nice set of poker chips but don't want to spend to much? These poker chip sets are a great choice if you're a player who wants to give your home game some class and style without busting your bankroll.

This is the poker chip set I have and carry around in its aluminum case, heavy as it may be. The clay chips are a nice weight and with the two decks of cards and dealer button that come with it, it's got everything you need for an 6-8 player game. I like that these are simple and plain, with no numbers printed on them so you can decide what each color chip is worth each game.
These poker chips are the metal-core composite variety, which I actually like the best, even though clay is the most popular chip variety these days. I like the feel of these durable chips and I find it easier to shuffle and play with them than clay chips. This set also includes 2 decks of plastic playing cards, 5 dice, a dealer button, and comes in an aluminum poker chip case. The 5 color chips aren't printed with a value, so each can stand for whatever amount you choose each night.
Personally, I'm not a big fan of numbered poker chips, since then you have no flexibiliy to decide what each is worth, but it does make it easy to remember and it is handy if you play a lot of tournaments. These chips are numbered $1, $5, $25, $50, and $100, and come in an aluminum case with 2 packs of cards and 5 dice.
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1000 9 Gram Poker Chip Set

If you've got a big game, with 10+ players, this is a good beginner poker chip set. It's got 300 White, 300 Red, 200 Blue, 100 Green, and 100 Black chips in its aluminum case, as well as 3 decks of cards, a dealer button, a dice, so you'll have everything you need to get the game started.
If you've got a small home game with 6 or so players and don't need to carry or buy cards, this good quality metal-core poker chip set is a great choice. It comes in a nice wood case with a dealer button and will last through many, many nights of poker.
Don't like the look of the aluminum or wood cases for carrying and storing your chips? Try this 500 chip set, which comes in a slick black vinyl case. It's also got 2 decks of Aviator playing cards and dice.
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