Best Private Schools in Dallas


Looking for the best private school in Texas for your child? Check out some of these top institutions in around the Dallas/Fort Worth area of the Lone Star State. Presented in alphabetical order, this list of college prep schools has been generated by considering several key assessment factors, including student and parent reviews on multiple sites, class sizes, college graduation and placement, as well as testing scores. Please contact each school directly for the most updated information about each institution listed.

Cistercian Preparatory School

Founded in 1962 by monks escaping communist Hungary, Cistercian Preparatory School is a Catholic school for boys in grades 5-12. 

  • 349 students enrolled
  • 6:1 student teacher ratio
  • 66% of faculty hold master's degrees and 13% hold doctoral degrees
  • 24% students of color
  • 20% of families receive financial aid

The Episcopal School of Dallas 

Educating students from different faiths, The Episcopal School of Dallas is a strong co-ed college-prep school with students in pre-school through 12th grade.

  • 1,150 students enrolled
  • 20% students of color
  • 28% Episcopalian students
  • 52% boys 48% girls
  • $3.5 million awarded to students for financial aid
  • 20% of students receive financial assistance
  • 7:1 student teacher ratio
  • Average class size of 16

Greenhill School

In Addison, Greenhill School is an independent co-ed PK-12 school whose mission is to encourage excellence and openness in learning.

  • 1,292 students enrolled
  • Average class size of 16 (Preschool is 15)
  • 44% students of color
  • 61% of faculty hold advanced degrees
  • 15% of students receive financial aid
  • More than $5 million in financial aid available to qualified families

The Hockaday School 

The Hockaday School for girls in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, and sends 100% of its graduates on to college. With a 9:1 student to teacher ratio, this school provides an educational experience that promotes success. 

  • 486 students enrolled
  • 74 boarding school students enrolled
  • 36% students of color
  • 16% of students receive financial aid

Parish Episcopal School

Parish Episcopal School is a pre-K through 12th co-ed school for students of all faiths. Parish graduated its first class of seniors in 2007.

  • 1,100 students enrolled
  • 8:1 student teacher ratio in PK-K, 14:1 in grades 1 and 2, 17:1 in all other grades
  • 22% diversity
  • 23 faith backgrounds
  • 100% of graduates are accepted at four-year colleges and/or universities


St. Mark's School of Texas

Dallas, Texas boasts a number of single-sex schools, including St. Mark's School of Texas, a non-sectarian, college-preparatory independent day school for boys in grades 1-12.

  • 865 students enrolled
  • 8:1 Student Teacher Ratio
  • Average Class Size: 15
  • 71% of faculty with advanced degrees
  • 100% of seniors attend a 4-year college or university
  • Admits 22% of applicants annually
  • 46% students of color
  • $2,400,000 budget for financial aid awards to qualified families

Trinity Valley School

Trinity Valley School is a K-12, independent, coeducational, college-preparatory school that has remained committed to a broad liberal education in the arts and sciences, culminating in the knowledge, skills, and wisdom to enable our students to excel at an appropriate college or university.     

  • 970 students enrolled
  • 10:1 student to teacher ratio
  • Approximately 20 students per class

Ursuline Academy 

Ursuline Academy is a Catholic college-prep high school for girls in grades 9-12. The alma mater of philanthropist Melinda French Gates (who has given millions of dollars to the school to build a state-of-the-art science, math, and technology center), Ursuline Academy is also the oldest Dallas school in continuous operation.

  • More than 800 girls enrolled
  • 30% students of color
  • More than $1.2 million in financial assistance and merit scholarship awards given
  • 26% of students receive some form of financial assistance

Yavneh Academy

Founded in 1993 for Jewish students of all affiliations, Yavneh Academy is a modern Orthodox high school for girls and boys.

  • 120 students enrolled
  • 3:1 student teacher ratio
  • Average class size of 10
  • Less than 10% students of color

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Article edited by Stacy Jagodowski