The 5 Best Project Management Courses to Take Online

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On average, certified project managers earn 15 percent more than their non-certified peers.

But a quick Google search of “project management classes” reveals dozens of pages of results. How do you know where to begin? Is a free one sufficient or would a paid one provide more quality? How much is too much? Are all of the certifications recognized by employers equally?

Don’t worry, we’ve sifted through those results to bring you five of the best online project management courses available.

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Master of Project Academy: Project Management Bundle

Launching in 2012, Master of Project Academy has a surprising pass rate of 99.6 percent; more than 50,000 of its students have passed the certification. But if that figure still doesn’t inspire total confidence in you, rest easy knowing that the program offers all of its students a money-back guarantee. Compared to its competitors, the program offers more resources for students, including downloadable flash cards, cheat sheets, and practice exams containing more than 750 questions.

The program offers three pricing tiers based on time spent on the course. The sooner you finish, the less you pay. A monthly subscription costs $37, and works well for the student who will be dedicating a near full-time schedule to preparing for the exam. The recommended tier is a $185 annual fee, which is for the student who will be taking the course at a more relaxed pace, perhaps after working their day job. $370 gains you a lifetime access — including updates — and is optimal for the student who wants to revisit the information throughout their career.

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Coursera: Professional Certificate in Applied Project Management

This four-course bundle takes six months to complete, and is hosted through the University of California - Irvine. Past reviews highly rate the course, but are quick to add that the workload and expectations aren’t for the faint of heart, citing 2-4 hours of coursework per week per credit hour, plus a conceptual knowledge of the material learned in the first three courses. They come together in the capstone course.

Payment options include individual classes for $777 each or a discounted bundle fee of $2,980. Upon completion, students are PMP certified and also receive 12 credit hours that can be applied toward a degree or other certifications in the University of California system.

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ALISON: Diploma in Project Management

Those wanting to test the project management waters before purchasing should check out the Diploma in Project Management from ALISON. Highly respected in the project management field, this free online class takes about 10-15 hours to complete and is best for existing project managers looking to build on their existing skills.

Upon completion of the course, students have the option to purchase a certificate of completion — not to be confused with a PMP certification — for about $35. In order to pass the course, students must maintain an 80 percent grade at all times.

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PM PrepCast

Consider yourself more of a visual learner? PM PrepCast might be the right option for you. Developed by Cornelius Fichtner, this prep program is delivered completely in video form, meets the 35-hour requirement, and can be completed in about three months.

Convenient for those on-the-go, PM PrepCast offers the ability to work through the program from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. For $265, students gain access to 50 hours of video training and a PMP exam simulator.

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Brain Sensei

No matter what you think about the class material itself, Brain Sensei offers the most captivating marketing video ever. Brain Sensei approaches project management certification training in a fresh, modern way using animation and real-world examples.

Despite the refreshing approach, the content behind Brain Sensei is anything but light, with more than 900 test-prep questions and 35 hours (the required minimum for certification) of prep material, which you have 180 days to access. Still, it’s one of the more affordable options, coming in at just $399.