Best Romantic R&B Songs

Love is in the Air ...

Whether you're looking for a song that expresses how you feel about that special person in your life, searching for tunes that are perfect for setting a mood in the bedroom, or just like soothing love songs, then the R&B/Soul list of recommended romantic songs is here to fulfill your needs. This detailed list, which includes links to where you can listen to each song, contains some of the more romantic R&B jams ever.

'Next Breath,' Tank

Year released: 2012.
From the album:

If you've ever felt like you need someone more than you need oxygen or to live, then you can probably feel Tank on this intensely romantic song, particularly when he sings "Girl, I need you more than my next breath, never would I ever leave you, 'cause darlin' I need you more than the next breath I breathe." That's pretty heavy stuff.

'Share My Life,' Kem

Year released: 2010.
From the album:
Intimacy: Album III.

This is a romantically sweet song for all the men out there who are getting ready to propose marriage to your lady and need a little inspiration, this might be the perfect song for you. It starts out softly as Kem tenderly makes his case to his love, then builds power and momentum as he declares his love in a bolder, stronger voice.

'teachme,' Musiq Soulchild

Year released: 2007:
From the album:

Sometimes guys get so caught up in trying to be manly, or macho or whatever, that they forget how to love, how to trust, how to show their feelings. For everyone who's dealing with that or knows someone who is, this song speaks directly to you. The song "teachme," is about a man who wants his woman to show him how to explore his feelings. "Teach me how to love, show me the way to surrender my heart, girl I'm so lost," he sings.

'Trust,' Keyshia Cole feat. Monica

Year released: 2008.
From the album:
A Different Me by Keyshia Cole.

This strong duet, which is on Keyshia Cole's third album, is a lush ballad about a woman whose man has trust issues even though she's completely and utterly loyal to her man and would do anything for him.

'Pretty Wings,' Maxwell

Year released: 2009. From the album: BLACKsummers'night.

"Pretty Wings," which was Maxwell's first single after a hiatus of over seven years, is a bittersweet love song. "It’s about the last relationship I had," Maxwell said about the song during an interview. "How you meet the person of your dreams but at the wrong time ... the song is a testament to what I wanted to say and say, to her."

'You Are My Starship,' Kenny Lattimore

Year released: 2008.
From the album:

In 2008, Kenny Lattimore released an album of cover songs, and one of the tracks he remade was Norman Connors' sexy and romantic "You Are My Starship," which has been sung and resung by various artists since the 1970s.

'Can't Help But Wait,' Trey Songz

Year released: 2007. From the album: Trey Day.

Your Guide to R&B isn't a huge Trey Songz fan, but I definitely feel this song's laid-back, romantic vibe.

'Save Room,' John Legend

Year released: 2006. From the album: Once Again.

After achieving mainstream success with his debut albumJohn Legend decided against tailoring his sound to contemporary popular tastes. "Save Room" goes against the grain of what's popular in R&B music today by being a slow-burning, sophisticated song.

'Suffocate,' J. Holiday

Year released: 2007. From the album: Back of My 'Lac.

"Suffocate" is a song about a man who's so in love (or maybe infatuated) that he seemingly can't even breathe when his woman's not around.

'Real Love,' Eric Benet

Year released: 2012.
From the album:
The One.

As the title of Eric Benet's "Real Love" implies, the song's a celebration of genuine emotion, as opposed to the Kardashian kind. Or as Eric puts in in the song: "In a work full of make believe, we've got something real girl ... I bet everything on you and me."

'Love, Need and Want You,' Patti LaBelle

Year released: 1984. From the album: I'm in Love Again.

This classic song has been sampled in recent years by Kelly Rowland (for her song "Dilemma," feat. the rapper Nelly) and OutKast's Big Boi (for the song "Ghettomusick,") among others.