The Best Snowboarding Movies on Netflix Right Now

best snowboarding movies
Photo by Russel Dalby Photography via Getty Images

Netflix isn't just for watching 12 consecutive episodes of your favorite TV drama. The popular way to stream movies and television to your TV features a number of snowboard movies that are guaranteed to get you pumped for next season. These five snowboarding movies are the best ones on Netflix right now.

1. Higher (2014)

Higher is the final installment of Jeremy Jones' trilogy Deeper, Further, Higher.

Follow Jones and his fellow riders as they head from familiar backcountry riding destinations, like Lake Tahoe and Jackson Hole, to Nepal's Himalayas and the Eastern Alaska Range. This end to the trilogy will make you want to start back at "Deeper" and watch them all again.

2. Further (2012)

Jeremy Jones is known for his unprecedented backcountry riding skills, and "Further" -- the second part of his three-part trilogy Deeper, Further, Higher -- shows his understanding of unspoiled mountain terrain. You can expect to see Jones and his crew tearing through wide open fields of powder, making hair-raising vertical descents, and finding countless unridden lines.

3. Deeper (2010)

The first of Jeremy Jones' trilogy is worth another look after you've watched Further and Higher. Or watch them in chronological order. Or no order whatsoever. 

4. The Community Project (2005)

This film is available only as a Netflix DVD (for primary account holders).

It's an exciting look at some of the top riders of the early 2000s riding in Japan, New Zealand and Alaska, among other places. Check out Travis Rice, JJ Thomas, Kyle Clancy and Terje Haakonsen on Super 16mm film.   

5. That's It, That's All (2008)

Also available only on Netflix DVD. If there's a canon of snowboarding films, That's It, That's All should definitely be on the list.

Many of the big names (Travis Rice, Jeremy Jones, Nicolas Muller, etc., etc.) from 2008 riding in New Zealand, Germany, Japan, B.C., and Jackson Hole. Action, action, action!