What's the Best Software for Logo Design?

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The best logo design software is graphics software, and that doesn't necessarily mean Photoshop. Logos, even if text-based, are ultimately graphics and graphics software is the right tool for the job.

This is NOT Logo Design Software

Word processing software such as Microsoft Word and presentation software such as PowerPoint are not logo design software. Often times non-designers will create a logo using the drawing tools in these types of programs but it inevitably causes problems when trying to extract those logos for use in other applications.

Likewise, the drawing tools in page layout or desktop publishing software such as InDesign, PageMaker, or Publisher are not suitable for serious logo design.

Logo Design Software for Scalable Logos

Ideally, logos should be created first in a drawing program. Illustration or drawing software produces scalable vector artwork making them ideal as the all-around logo design graphics software. For commercial printing, scalable EPS graphics are the format of choice and import easily into most major page layout programs for creating letterhead, business cards, and other documents. Having the original logo in any kind of scalable vector format allows for easy resizing without loss of quality even if the final logo is needed in a bitmap format.

Examples of Vector-based Graphics Software for Logo Design: Adobe Illustrator | CorelDRAW | Inkscape

Logo Design Software for Fixed Size Logos

Designing logos for the Web, even if created initially with illustration software, requires conversion to GIF or JPG or PNG.

A bitmap graphics software program handles that job and usually allows for other special effects, including simple animation. These logo design tools are also ideal for integrating photo-realistic elements into your logo designs for Web or print.

Examples of Bitmap Graphics Software for Logo Design: Adobe Photoshop | Corel Photo-Paint | GIMP

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