The 9 Best Yoga Mats to Buy in 2018

Get more out of your yoga classes with these top mats

A yoga mat might seem like a simple prop for a workout class, but it can keep you upright and not sliding into your face during downward facing dog. A mat can be light enough to travel with, thick enough for hurting joints and sticky enough for even the sweatiest classes. We’ve got the best yoga mats to buy this year that will keep you coming back to your mat class after class.

Ideal for any type of yoga (indoor, outdoor, hot or flow), the Manduka PROLite Yoga Mat is a synthetic mat that stays sticky and secure even when your palms get sweaty. The closed-cell surface keeps sweat and dirt out of the mat (so it will last longer) and the bottom has a patterned dot design to keep your mat solidly on the floor. The latex-free mat comes in a standard size at 71 x 24 inches and weighs four pounds, while the long size is 79 x 24 inches and weighs 4.5 pounds. Both are 4.7 millimeters thick. Colors include red, maroon, black, navy blue, purple, teal and gray.

The extra thick, five-millimeter Print Premium Yoga Mat by Gaiam will keep your hands and knees comfortable in any position. It is a durable mat with a non-slip surface to keep you steady in all sorts of poses. Plus, the mat is made for those looking for a more hypoallergenic mat since it's made without six common phthalates. It is available in a variety of bright and fun colors and patterns such as blue sapphire feather or maroon and pink cherry blossom. The mat comes in a standard size of 68 x 24 inches, as well as a long size of 78 x 26 inches. Mats come with a lifetime guarantee.

At less than $20, the BalanceForm GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat is a mat that provides plenty of comfort for your joints (it’s ½ inch thick), but is easy to transport with the included carry strap. The mat has non-slip surfaces on both sides, but because of the thick, plushness of the mat, users have noticed tearing or indentation after heavy, prolonged use. Standard size is 71 x 24 inches. Colors include black, blue, gray, green, pink, purple and red.

For a thick mat that won't cost you too much, opt for the Fit Spirit 1/2-inch Yoga Mat. This plush mat has a non-slip surface, though has potential to tear or stretch if used often or with vigorous moves. The standard size is 72 x 24 inches. Colors include a gray henna design and a colorful seven chakra design.

The eKO Superlight Travel Yoga Mat by Manduka seems more like a grippy towel that folds up easily — the mat is only 1.5-millimeters thick. Stash it in your purse or backpack when you are on the go. It might not provide the extra cushion you need for all of your yoga classes, but it's sticky enough to keep your hands and feet in place. And it won't bunch too much on the floor as you transition from pose to pose. It's made from eco-friendly rubber and colors include purple, red blue, gray and black.

The YOGO Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat is made for portability to go from the airplane, to the campsite, to the beach. It packs down to about 12 inches long and only a few inches wide. The extremely lightweight mat (about two pounds) has integrated straps for easy carry, pack up and hanging dry after a quick wash. It’s made from a natural rubber to promote high grip when you need it most. Colors include charcoal, forest green and plum.

When sweat is literally dripping off your body in a heated 102-degree Fahrenheit yoga class, you’re going to want something that is more than just a mat and a beach towel. With the Aurorae Synergy 2-in-1 Yoga Mat, you get both. The five-millimeter thick mat has a yoga mat sticky bottom with a microfiber towel top, all stitched together into one yoga mat that is easily washable. Spray the top of the mat with a bit of water before class starts to keep your hands from sliding, but once the class starts, your sweaty hands won’t slide at all. Standard size is 72 x 24 inches. Colors include teal, black, purple and royal blue.

The Liforme Yoga Mat is unique with alignment cues etched onto the mat. There is a center line running from the top of the mat to the bottom, as well as markers to help keep your hands and feet evenly aligned, and diagonal markers to use with standing poses where the back foot is at an angle. Plus, the mat is extremely grippy and sticky to keep you secure and supported, even in heated classes. It’s made from a natural rubber and is four-millimeters thick. Standard size is 73 x 27 inches; the mat weighs 5.5 pounds. Colors include blue, green, gray and pink. A yoga mat bag is included.

As an all-around top mat, the Jade Harmony Professional Yoga mat is thick enough (4.7 millimeters) and sticky enough to provide support and traction during tricky poses, but works just as well in a relaxing yin class with longer held poses. The mat is made from a natural rubber to provide slip resistance and is constructed with open cells to soak up sweat and become even more tractioned. Standard size is 68 inches in length; the large size is 74 inches in length. Colors include black, purple, midnight blue, red, light blue, teal, orange, lime green and forest green.


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