The 10 Best Youth Baseball Bats to Buy in 2018

Hit a home run with these great baseball bats for kids

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Want your little leaguer to knock it out of the park? Then make sure that when they step to the plate they have the right bat. One thing to know: Youth bats are governed by the USSSA 1.15 Bat Performance Factor (BPF) standards, a measurement of the how fast the ball comes off the bat. Make sure your new youth bat meets the 1.15 BPF standard for safe, fair play. Beyond finding the right bat length for your child, the other measurement you want to know is “drop weight,” the difference between the length and weight of the bat. In short, the larger the drop weight, the lighter the bat will weigh. Which bat is right for your slugger? We had a swing with the best youth baseball bats, so your little leaguer can hit it over the fence.

When your child is ready to take their batting to the next level, put this Easton MAKO Composite Youth Baseball Bat in the dugout. This advanced bat boasts a massive sweet spot, thanks to Easton’s Thermo Composite Technology construction. It’s made of a lightweight alloy that allows the bat to have drop weights ranging from -11 to -19, making it easier to move more of the barrel through the hitting zone. The patented two-piece ConneXion construction isolates the handle from the barrel, maximizing energy transfer and eliminating vibration, and the handle is wrapped in cushioned Hyperskin Grip for a soft feel. This bat is 1.15 BPF certified.

Louisville Slugger is the brand big league ball players trust, and their Youth Catalyst Baseball Bat will help your little leaguer improve their batting average and power. Constructed from C1C Composite precisely layered with toughened epoxy resin, this bat doesn’t just provide plenty of pop, it’s also incredibly durable. The bat is topped off with the patented Louisville Slugger End Cap that dampens vibration and traps that energy in the barrel to create explosive bat-to-ball contact. With a 7/8-inch standard handle and a synthetic leather grip, the Catalyst is great for young hands, and it’s 1.15 BPF certified.

Driving the ball out of the infield requires bat speed and control. Pick up the Easton S500 Youth Baseball Bat to help your slugger improve their swing. Depending on the length, this bat’s drop weight ranges from -13 to -19. Even though it’s light and balanced, this bat is also durable, thanks to 7050 aircraft alloy construction. A thin 29/32-inch tapered handle is great for small hands, and its custom grip cushions when your kid makes contact with the pitch. It’s also 1.15 BPF certified.

Improving your little leaguer’s batting average starts with a well-balanced bat like the Louisville Slugger Armor Youth Bat. With a -12 drop weight, this one-piece aluminum alloy bat is light and easy to swing. A tapered 7/8-inch handle with synthetic grip eliminates sting, the vibration-reducing endcap helps transfer energy to the ball at contact and it’s 1.15 BPF certified. 

A mid-level offering in Easton’s “SPEED Brigade” lineup of bats, Easton’s S300 Youth Baseball Bat hits the sweet spot for speed, power and price point. Constructed with durable 7046 aircraft alloy, this bat achieves a -12 drop weight, but is tough enough to make it through the entire season. The thin 29/32-inch tapered handle is wrapped in Easton’s All Sports Grip to cushion small hands through contact with the ball, and the bat is 1.15 BPF certified.

This Rawlings Adirondack Youth Wood Bat is made of ash wood, so that it is heavier than your average aluminum bat, which makes it great for building swing strength and bat speed. The medium-sized barrel is the right size for young batters to hit with precision, and it’s one-inch handle is the right diameter for young hands just starting to swing a bat with power.

A bamboo baseball bat? It may sound un-American, but the BamBooBat Youth Little League Bamboo Baseball Bat is a durable and lightweight option for players ages five to 13. These bamboo bats are stronger than ash or maple baseball bats, so young players can swing with confidence that they won’t break their bat. They’re also the greenest bats on the market since bamboo is a naturally growing sustainable resource that grows three to four times faster than hardwoods used in other baseball bats. This bat is certified for use in Little League baseball games.

If your young child is just getting started in baseball don’t drop an arm and a leg on a bat that they’ll just outgrow in a season. Get the most bang for your buck with Easton’s S50 Youth Baseball Bat. With drop weights ranging from -10 to -19, depending on length, the bat is light enough for young batters. It’s built with aircraft-grade aluminum for balance and has a rolled-over end cap for rapid swing speeds through the ball. A thin 29/32-inch handle with a sports grip is just right for small hands, and the bat is also 1.15 BPF certified.

Is your youngster is just getting into the game? Make backyard batting practice fun and safe with the US Games Foam Bat. This bat is super light (12 oz.) and has a 2 ¾-inch barrel, so making contact with the ball is easy for the littlest little leaguers. This bat is also made of neoprene foam for safety. This is a toy bat and not certified for use in organized baseball games.

Want to introduce your toddler to America’s Pastime? Start them off with the POOF Foam Home Run Bat and Ball Jr. set, so that they can have fun outside while they begin to develop the hand-eye coordination they’ll need to play little league when they’re older. This junior-sized bat is short with a wide barrel, making it easier for young children to make contact with the ball. It comes with a POOF foam sport ball, so that playing baseball is safe, and you can even play with this bat and ball set in the pool during the summer.