4 of the Best YouTube Channels for SAT Prep

If you are browsing for Redesigned SAT Prep on YouTube and only finding worthless 37-minute videos with boring instructors, or even worse, 2-minute videos that are basically just advertisements for tutoring services, then take a peek at these YouTube channels for SAT prep below. In the four listed, you'll find free, short, segmented videos with helpful test tips, strategies, and question explanations from study guides instead of just advertisements for purchasing even more tutoring. Plus, the creators of the following YouTube channels effectively organize their videos, so you won't waste time searching for what you really need. 

Veritas Prep College

Veritas YouTube Channel for SAT Prep
Veritas Test Prep

YouTube Channel Creator: Veritas Test Prep, a test prep company started by Chad Troutwine and Marcus Moberg. 

Views at Press Time: 750,000 +

SAT Prep Topics: On this channel, you'll find some quality, thoughtfully-produced videos on SAT Prep. The SAT Study and Triumph playlist hosted by Cambrian Thomas-Adams, a 99th percentile instructor, covers topics like simplifying, parallel structure, misplaced modifiers and more. 

Recommended Improvements: Although the quality is there and you can learn a number of things about the SAT, Veritas needs to add more. Sure, they are a test prep company, so free test prep isn't really their "thing," but the channel could use a few more items on the Redesigned SAT to really stand out above the rest on YouTube. The test, as it stands at press time, is not being covered thoroughly. 

Brian McElroy Tutoring

Brian McElroy YouTube Channel for SAT Prep
Brian McElroy Tutoring

YouTube Channel Creator: Brian McElroy is the founder and president of McElroy Tutoring, Inc. He scored perfectly on the SAT and has over 15 years of experience tutoring and teaching. 

Views at Press Time: 25,000 +

SAT Prep Topics: If you check out the SAT playlist on this SAT prep YouTube channel, you'll find over 93 different videos to help you wrap your head around this big exam. Find out about things like Redesigned SAT scoring and even complete the SAT questions of the day. 

Recommended Improvements: More videos! This site could be improved by adding even general descriptions of each of the Redesigned SAT sections. Right now, the site features SAT Math pretty heavily. 


Kaplan SATACT YouTube Channel for SAT Prep

YouTube Channel Creator: Kaplan Test Prep, the test prep company providing services for almost every standardized test on the planet. 

Views at Press Time: 495,000 +

SAT Prep Topics: On the Kaplan SATACT channel, you will find playlists devoted to the changes of the Redesigned SAT, SAT Math, SAT Reading, SAT Writing and more. The videos in the playlists are informative and typically, under six minutes. 

Recommended Improvements: Half of the videos on the Kaplan playlists are "private" videos, which restricts you from watching them. These need to either be removed or unlocked so students can benefit the most from this channel!


Double800 for YouTube SAT Prep

YouTube Channel Creator: Micah Salafsky, the founder of DOUBLE800. Micah holds graduate degrees in business and law, and has instructed classes and tutored students for the SAT and PSAT since 2002.

Views at Press Time: 5,000+

SAT Prep Topics: These free courses are mean to coincide with the Official SAT Study Guide for the Redesigned SAT. Basically, you'll complete the activities in the guide and then the tutor will walk you through the correct answers with thorough explanations. 

Recommended Improvements: An explanation on the home page of the channel stating the intent of the channel as an explanatory tool for the study guide would be perfect. That way, students don't happen upon the site, hoping for strategies or something and leave dissatisfied. 

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