Bibek Defined: Adherence to Conscious Principles

Observing Religious Discretion

Singhs Cooking Bibek Langar
Singhs Cooking Bibek Langar. Photo © [Jasleen Kaur]

Definition of Bibek:

Bibek is an expression meaning conscious principles, divine intelligence, or strict adherence to observance of religious discretion.

In Sikhism, bibek refers to a strict both spiritual and secular standards of conscious living based according to Gurmat principles as handed down by the ten gurus to Sikhs. Conformity to a standard of excellence is never meant to produce a "More righteous than Thou" attitude.

Bibek living is meant to instill humility in the practitioner, and produce an attitude of seva and simran, or selfless service coupled with meditation, as ridding the self of ego is the core principle of Sikhism crucial to realizing the divine within.

The expression bibek pertains to the prevailing consciousness that mind and body are the temple of the divine. The discerning consciousness of bibek is applied to standards observed in daily life as outlined in the Sikhism code of conduct including:

Bibek Langar - Bibek consciousness practiced in preparation of langar includes:

Bibeki - One who adheres to Bibek principles, an initiated Amritdhari Sikh who chooses to live as consciously as possible according to the tenets of Gurmat.

Pronunciation and Spelling of Bibek

Bibek is a Gurmukhi word with phonetic pronunciation and spelling.

Pronunciation: Bibek has two syllables. The first syllable has the short i vowel of sihari. The second syllable has the long ee vowel sound of biharee. Both the first and second syllable b represents the Gurmukhi consonant babbaa.

The phonetic pronunciation of Bibek sounds like Bib-bake.

Alternate Spellings: Bikbek may also be spelled Bibaek.

Examples of Bibek in Sikh Scripture:

The scripture of Guru Granth Sahib exemplifies the merits of bibek consciousness and discerning intellect.

"So jan ralaaiaa naa ralai jis antar bibaek beechaar ||2||
Those humble beings who while intermingling with others remain distinct, have within their hearts the discretion of keen understanding through meditative contemplation." ||2|| Guru Arjun ||SGGS||28

"Sacho sach vakhaaneeai sacho budhh bibaek ||
Through the Truest True One's name being repeatedly spoken, is truth obtained by the discerning intellect of the intuitive mind. Guru Arjun ||SGGS||52

"Boojhai breham antar bibaek ||4||
Let the realization that the divine is within be your consciousness." ||4|| Guru Nanak ||SGGS||355