Bigfoot Encounters - True Stories

Reports of a large, hairy hominid have been reported in North America for centuries. They continue to this day, as these true stories from readers reveal.

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Alien Sasquatch

Provo Canyon Bigfoot video
On some occasions, Bigfoot-like creatures are seen in association with UFOs. This is such a case.
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Big Thicket Creature

Out on Tarkington Prairie in Texas, Terry is at his grandparents' house when Bigfoor looks in on him.

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Big-Clawed Bigfoot

In this sighting, the creature has white patches of fur and large claws.
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Bigfoot Boy

Here's an old wives' tale from the hills of Tennessee and this has to take the cake as the strangest story ever told - anywhere.

A man gets a big surprise when he visits the outhouse in the middle of the night. More »
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Bigfoot in the Adirondacks

From the 1970s, a Bigfoot sighting in the Adirondack park near South Kortright, NY.
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Bigfoot in the Woods

In Ohio, a girl sees two Sasquatch and watches them drink from a creek.

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Bigfoot or Alien

The big guy shows up on a family's porch in North Carolina -- and tries to get in!
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Bigfoot or Werewolf

Rory was out biking when he saw this creature, which he describes as strange and hairy.
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Bigfoot Pays a Visit

"One day in the fall, after clearing out brush in the northern part of the farm, I saw a huge shadow behind a tree not 30 feet from where I was unloading the leaves...."
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Bigfoot Peeked In

"I turned to switch off the kitchen light and I saw a face I will never forget peeking into one of my kitchen windows."
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Bigfoot Sighting

"I turned back around, only to see the most terrifying creature calmly walk across my vision path."
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Bigfoot Stole Our Food

"I was about to get out of the trailer when I heard a sound that stopped me dead. It sounded like something was going through our food...."
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Bigfoot Visits

"I saw a very hairy animal with the body of a human and the face of some kind of monkey with a big wide nose and a small forehead."
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Confronting Bigfoot

A large creature is seen near Kent, Washington. Was it Bigfoot?
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The Creature Over the Fence

"With wide eyes I watched something press against the five foot high, chain link fence. Grey fur was visible coming through the fence about six inches from the top...."
"The boat rocked severely and we both jumped into the bottom of the boat with oars in hand! Whatever jumped in the water was very large...." More »
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Eight-Foot Creature Terrifies Dogs

"Two gleaming red eyes reflected back at him from an enormous black shadow about 40 yards away. He recalled the shadow being at least 8 feet tall...."
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Giant Beast-Man Imitates Ducks

"When I say tall, it must have been about 15 feet high! I could see it swing its long arms when it walked, which reached down to its knees...."

Ethan might have seen Bigfoot at Hoosier National Forest in 2010. More »

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Howling Thing by Moonlight

Bigfoot sightings have been reported for a long time. Here's one from the 1950s in California.
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Huge Creature at the Window

"It was very dark, but I could just make out a large figure standing in the yard looking at me. It must have been about 7 or 8 feet tall, and the outline seemed really jagged, as if it was covered in really thick fur."
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Little Hairy Creatures of "A" Mountain

All hairy creatures aren't huge. Consider the little things seen in Tucson, Arizona.
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Mini Sasquatch

British Columbia is a known stomping ground for Bigfoot. The one seen on this occasion was small. Was it a child Bigfoot?
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Monkey Boy of Lake George

"Suddenly, the creature, or whatever it was, turned its head and looked directly at us, as if it had known we were watching it all along...."
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Patterson-Gimlin Film: A New Tall Tale

"For years, when it was shown on TV, it was edited. There's a big piece missing. When they show it on television, it's shown out of context. This guy we hooked up with has a different film. An entirely different thing...."
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Reservation Bigfoot

On a Navajo reservation, they see a thing that was "tall, covered in thick, black hair, and moving clumsily."
A sighting at Doris Dukes Farms in New Jersey. More »

In 2009, Dennis sees a 10-foot-tall Sasquatch near Vonton, Iowa. More »

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Skunk Ape's Cries

In 1974, the Florida Skunk ape was heard -- and maybe responsible for cattle mutilations.

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Venango County Bigfoot

A nine year old sees a Bigfoot-like creature in Franklin, Pennsylvania.

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We Heard Bigfoot's Rage

"A couple of minutes passed in the fading light, then the sounds started up again. The voices were talking, but this time I listened more closely trying to understand them...."
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Woodsburrow Wildman

On a camping trip, witnesses say they saw something they said looked like Bigfoot, but smaller.
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Yobango Encounter

One night near Christmas, a hairy creature is seen that was about the size of a child.

A boy makes friends with a family of Sasquatch. More »