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A Collection of Reviews of Bike Jerseys

Bike jerseys are not merely to be stylish. They're functional and practical, helping keep you cool and offering nice pockets handy for keeping your stuff. But you want to know what you're getting into before dropping your dough on a jersey, so here's a list of bike jerseys we've reviewed here lately at and what we liked about them and what we might advise you to stay away from.

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VOmax Cycling Jerseys with pro hockey and baseball team logos

VOmax pro team logo jersey NBA MLB NHL red sox

Colorful cycling jerseys make a statement. And you can show off your allegiance to your favorite pro sports team with these jerseys from VOMax. 

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Ciao Women's Cycling Jersey by Dakine

dakine ciao jersey sm

Dakine’s got a sleek little sleeveless cycling jersey for women called the Ciao out on the market.  In coral, white or black, its design will work on the bike or doing your other active things.  Sound interesting? Check out our full review of Dakine’s Ciao women’s cycling jersey.

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Nalini Pro-Model Cycling Jersey

Gerolsteiner Cycling Jersey by Nalini
A Gerolsteiner Cycling Jersey by Nalini. Nalini

Nalini is an Italian manufacturer of cycling apparel for many of the world's top cycling teams. As one of the few companies still doing the design and assembly in Italy, their attention to quality is top-notch. They offer a wide range of jerseys that are identical to what you'll see on your favorite teams in the peloton. It's cool to feel like a pro on the bike, even if you don't ride like one.

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Primal Wear Rock-n-Roll Jerseys

(c) Primal Wear

Cycling jerseys can be pretty predictable, right? Good thing that Primal Wear's rock line offer a change of scenery and a chance for you to show your rock & roll colors. Pasting some of the biggest names in music on some pretty sweet cycling gear, this collection offers jerseys, shorts, and socks as well as arm and leg warmers with colorful logos from your favorite band, leaning heaviest toward 70's and 80's hard rock.

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Sugoi Shelby Men's Cycling Jersey

Sugoi Shelby Jersey
Sugoi Shelby Jersey in golf green/smoke. (c) Sugoi

Sugoi's Shelby Jersey is a terrific choice for cooler weather riding. It'll do just fine by itself in spring or fall riding, and you can couple it with a vest or jacket for effective layering when it gets colder.

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Cycling Jerseys for College Sports Fans

Texas Longhorns cycling jersey sm

Are you a fan of college sports? Here's a review of some nifty college mountain and road bike jerseys with the logos and graphics of your favorite college team.

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The Argyle Jersey by Twin Six

Twin Six argyle small
Twin Six argyle small. Twin Six

Here's a review of the snappy and stylish Argyle jersey by Twin Six, which accomplishes what few other cycling jerseys can do: combine comfort and performance with a truly classy appearance.

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Ibex Fausto Wool Cycling Jersey

Ibex Fausto Wool Cycling Jersey
Ibex Fausto Wool Cycling Jersey. (c) Ibex

Back when I was dumb, I associated wool with such unpleasant adjectives as hot, stuffy and itchy. But along came the Fausto jersey by Ibex to change my thinking on that. The design and colors are great, and you'll find the wool to be an ideal fabric for all types of riding conditions because of its breathability and wicking properties. This jersey consistently finds its way to the top of the pile for me as an absolute favorite because of its looks and feel.

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Sugoi Wallaroo Merino Wool Cycling Shirt

The Wallaroo cycling top by Sugoi.
The Wallaroo cycling top by Sugoi. (c) Sugoi, Inc.

Sugoi's Wallaroo cycling top offers fine comfort and performance. This basic and versatile shirt comes in either long sleeve, short sleeve or sleeveless options. You'll find yourself looking for opportunities to wear it, either as a lightweight liner under another jersey or as a snazzy-looking top layer in its own right