Billy Booth

Billy Booth has been a UFO researcher and writer for over 30 years. He has contributed to many books on the subject, and is known as an expert on evaluating UFO photographs and video. He has amassed a large database of UFO sightings.


UFO researcher Billy Booth has led many UFO groups on the Internet, and is webmaster of one of the Internet's largest UFO web sites. He often is called upon to evaluate UFO sightings. He has also spent many years researching UFO photographs and video film. He is known as an expert on UFO crash accounts, and had given his opinion in several books on the subject. He has been a guest on many UFO radio and television programs. He is a longtime member of MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network.

Billy has contributed comment, video, photographic, and imagery to a number of television programs on the Discovery Channel, A & E, and the History Channel. He has contributed to several books on the subject of UFOs:

Without Consent: Abduction, ISBN 1-60611-023-3

EAN 978-1-60611-0232

Mexico's Roswell, The Chihuahua UFO Crash:

ISBN 978-1-60264-013-9

His new book, "UFOs Caught on Film," was published in August, 2012.

ISBN-10: 1446301699

ISBN-13: 978-1446301692


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Billy Booth

I became interested in UFOs when I was only a young man. The great Sci-Fi flicks of the 1950s were responsible for creating an atmosphere of awe and wonderment in me at what lies beyond our Earth in the vastness of space. I was raised in a religious family, yet a belief in a higher power never created a contradiction for me in the possibility of intelligent life somewhere other than planet Earth. This passion and belief stayed with me thoughout my life as I amassed a large collection UFO related material. After working in the UFO area of several online web sites, I finally fulfilled a dream and began my own, the UFO Casebook website. I have written over 400 articles on UFO and alien sightings.

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