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Jane Austen
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An index to women's biographies on this site: an ever-expanding list of biographies of notable women, including famous women in history and those who should be more well known.

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  • Diane Abbott: first black woman elected to the British Parliament
  • Edith Abbott: pioneer in the profession of social work and social service administration
  • Grace Abbott: New Deal era chief of the federal Children’s Bureau
  • Bella Abzug: member of the US House of Representatives, feminist, founder of Women's Equality Day
  • Abigail Adams: estate manager, letter writer, First Lady, wife of president John Adams, mother of president John Quincy Adams
  • Hannah Adams: first American author to make a living from writing
  • Louisa Adams: only foreign-born First Lady, married to John Quincy Adams
  • Jane Addams: founder of Hull-House, key figure in the settlement house movement
  • Adela of Louvain: second wife / queen consort of Henry I of England
  • Adelaide: saint, Western empress, regent, consort of Otto I and influence on Otto II and Otto III
  • Aelfgifu: first wife of King Aethelred II "the Unready"
  • Aelfled: Aethelflaed, below
  • Aelfthryth (877 - 929): daughter of King Alfred the Great, sister of Aethelflaed, wife of Baldwin II, Count of Flanders
  • Aelfthryth (945 - 1000):  first queen of England known to have been crowned with that title
  • Aethelflaed: Mercian ruler and military leader
  • Maria Agnesi: wrote first mathematics book by a woman that still survives; first woman appointed as a mathematics professor at a university
  • Anne Neville: wife of Richard III of England, political pawn in the Wars of the Roses
  • Anne of Cleves: wife of King Henry VIII of England (divorced)
  • Anne of Hanover: Princess Royal (Great Britain) and Princess of Orange
  • Anne of York: sister of British kings Richard III and Edward IV
  • Andromache: mythical wife of a Trojan prince
  • Andromeda: Greek princess of legend
  • Susan B. Anthony: key woman suffrage spokesperson in the 19th century
  • Marie Antoinette: queen consort of Louis XVI, figure in French Revolution history
  • Virginia Apgar: physician, developed the Apgar Newborn Scoring System
  • Eleanor of Aquitaine: ruler in her own right of Aquitaine; queen consort in France and then in England, queen mother in England
  • Catherine of Aragon: wife of Henry VIII of England
  • Diane Arbus: documentary photographer and educator

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