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Jose Aldo
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Most MMA fighters, even champions, aren't all that different. Oftentimes, what sets them apart is the most minuscule of things, like a little more heart, better work ethic, or better trainers. In fact, those little things are likely what causes most athletes to be so focused on details. But every now and then you find a fighter who's so talented he is that different from everyone else.

Jose Aldo is that kind of fighter.

Here is his story.

Date of Birth

José Aldo da Silva Oliveira Júnior was born on September 9, 1986, in Manaus, Brazil.

Training Camp and Fighting Organization

Aldo trains with both Nova União and Black House. He fights in the UFC's featherweight division.

Early MMA Years

Back in August 10, 2004, Aldo made his professional MMA debut at EcoFight 1, defeating Mario Bigola by head kick KO after only 18 seconds had gone by in round one. In fact, he won his first seven fights before succumbing to Luta Livre black belt Luciana Azevedo at Jungle Fight 5 by rear naked choke. Aldo then won three straight before making his WEC debut against Alexandre Nogueira, winning by TKO.

WEC Years

Aldo finished his WEC career with a perfect 8-0 record and a featherweight championship belt. Along the way, he defeated known fighters like Jonathan Brookins (TKO), Cub Swanson (KO), Mike Brown (TKO), Manvel Gamburyan (KO), and Urijah Faber (decision).

When the UFC swallowed up the WEC, Aldo was pronounced their champion right off the bat.

Fighting Style

Jose Aldo may have a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but he's known for his Muay Thai and striking skills. We're talking about a fighter with the technical acumen to strike with both his hands and legs.

What's more, when he does connect, Aldo possesses an explosiveness that puts most opponents on the canvas.

Simply put, he's a striking machine with very solid takedown defense and ground skills.

Against Chad Mendes at UFC 179, Aldo demonstrated toughness and jaw that we had never seen before. He is a very tough fighter who comes to perform in excellent physical condition.

Some of Jose Aldo's Greatest MMA Victories

Aldo defeats Chad Mendes by unanimous decision at UFC 179: Aldo had already defeated the Alpha Male product at UFC 142 by first round KO.  But the second fight saw him hurt by Mendes.  That said, we saw his ability to persevere and hit hard in this one.  In that sense, it was Aldo's most impressive performance to that date.

Aldo defeats Urijah Faber by unanimous decision at WEC 48: It wasn't another knockout. But defeating the face of the WEC soundly still mattered.

Aldo defeats Mike Brown by TKO at WEC 44: Brown had just got done beating the face of the WEC, Urijah Faber. So when Aldo destroyed him at the 1:20 mark of round two for the WEC Featherweight Title, people took notice.

Aldo defeats Cub Swanson by KO at WEC 41: People knew Swanson a good fighter. So when Aldo defeated him at the 8-second mark of round one with a double flying knee and punches, fans weren't just mildly impressed.

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