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Condit in a familiar pose
Condit in a familiar pose. Wikipedia

Carlos Condit Biography Introduction:

Coming into WEC 29 back in 2007, many believed that then WEC Lightweight Champion Carlos Condit had his work cut out for him against Brock Larson. And right off the bat, the power and wrestling skills Larson brought to the table were evident, as the takedown came early and easily in round one. But from there, we learned just how dangerous Condit's submission skills were.

Condit moved from half guard to full guard quickly. Then he slapped the armbar on. Larson slammed him, but the move did no good, instead leading to the inevitable end more quickly.

With the victory, Condit showed the world once and for all that he was a force to be reckoned with. Here is his story.

Date of Birth:

Carlos Condit was born on April 26, 1984, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Training Camp, Fighting Organization, Nickname:

Condit trains at Jackson's Submission Fighting under the tutelage of Greg Jackson. He fights for the UFC organization. Condit is well-known by his nickname, The Natural Born Killer.

Martial Arts Background:

In a JacksonsTV interview, Condit indicated that he began wrestling at the age of nine and continued in high school. In fact, his wrestling coaches were actually the ones who introduced him to the sport of MMA. "I wanted to be Jean Claude Van Damme or like a Ninja Turtle," Condit said.

"I was really interested and I saw that wrestlers and grapplers did real well so I looked in the phone book and found (Greg) Jackson’s Gaidojitsu Gym."

Condit began training in MMA with Jackson at around the age of 15. He currently holds a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Early MMA Career:

Condit began his MMA career on September 6, 2002, defeating Nick Roscorla at Aztec Challenge 1 by rear naked choke.

In fact, he won his first eight MMA matches, all by stoppage, before dropping his first fight to Carlo Prater via triangle choke. Much later in his career at WEC 32, Condit would avenge that loss by guillotine choke.

Getting to the WEC:

Condit fought some very stiff competition before beginning his WEC career, competing for the likes of Rumble on the Rock and Pancrase. Along the way, he picked up victories over Frank Trigg (triangle armbar), Renato Verissimo (KO), and Tatsunori Tanaka (KO), while dropping matches to Pat Healy (rear naked choke), Satoru Kitaoka (heel hook), and Jake Shields (decision). However, after winning three straight for Pancrase, including his win over Kitaoka, the WEC gave him a shot against Kyle Jensen at WEC 25.

Becoming WEC Welterweight Champion:

After defeating Jensen by rear naked choke, Condit took on John Alessio for the vacant WEC Welterweight Championship. He won the fight by submission (rear naked choke). From there, Condit defended the belt three times, winning the trio by stoppage. And that's when the WEC folded, and UFC came calling. Along with this, Condit made his UFC debut against Martin Kampmann, losing a hotly contested split decision on April 1, 2009.

Fighting Style:

Early in his career, Condit was a good striker with outstanding Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and submission skills. He showed particularly strong capabilities off of his back. However, he's become a highly proficient Muay Thai based striker since. Thus, he's a very well-rounded competitor who has begun to exchange the submissions he accumulated early in his career for knockouts now.

There are no safe spots with Condit.  And his work against Nick Diaz at UFC 143 also proved how much his footwork had improved over the years.

Personal Life:

Condit is of Mexican descent. Interestingly, his father, Brian, was the Chief of Staff for former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. Condit has noted that his family is "really supportive," of his career.

Condit married Seager Marie McCullah in December of 2010.

Their son Owen was born in March of 2010.

Some of Carlos Condit's Greatest MMA Victories

Condit defeats Thiago Alves by TKO at UFC Fight Night- Condit vs. Alves: Condit was away from the sport for over a year due to a knee injury prior to this fight.  By defeating a strong fighter rather handily, Condit once again proved his welterweight mettle.

Condit defeats Nick Diaz by unanimous decision at UFC 143: Most thought Diaz would use his outstanding boxing skills and cardio to fell Condit. Instead, a very close fight went Condit's way due to some excellent footwork and kicking skills. By defeating Diaz, Condit won the interim UFC Welterweight Championship and shut the critics up.

Condit defeats Dan Hardy by KO at UFC 120: By knocking out a man with Hardy's stand up credentials in round one, people really began to realize that Condit was no longer a ground fighter. He, in fact, could stand with just about anybody. His left hook said so.

Condit defeats Jake Ellenberger by split decision: First, this fight could've gone either way. That said, it went Condit's in a bout where he was forced to show tremendous heart in order to come away with a victory.

Condit defeats Brock Larson by armbar at WEC 29: Many believed Larson would really push Condit. What they found was that the second the two hit the canvas, Condit's submission skills off of his back were just too much for his more powerful adversary.

Condit defeats John Alessio by rear naked choke at WEC 26: Anytime you win a major belt, the fight deserves to make your 'greatest' list.

Such was the case when Condit won the WEC welterweight strap by defeating Alessio.


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