Trick Trick

© Motown

Known To His Parents As:

Christian Mathis

Born In:

Detroit, MI

Trivia Facts:

  • Nicknamed Trick at an early age because of his street ploys
  • Trick later changed his name to Trick Trick to play off his friend and label-mate Click Click.

Trick Trick In His Own Words:

"I'm a Cancer. I go into my shell. I like to be bothered with the least amount of people as possible. That's why I like to be by myself."

From Mother To Son:

Trick Trick picked up his love for music from his mom who used to sing back up for jazz legend Alberta Adams. He later picked up musicianship as well, playing the percussion and other instruments in church.

Trick's Early Life:

Trick is the product of a broken home. His father left while he was a teenager. So, he turned to a street gang for solace, and it landed him in prison. As an adult, however, he transformed street dealings into music hustle, and signed his first deal with Click Boom Records in 1992.

Joining The Major League:

After doing a seven-month stint behind bars for alleged murder, Trick resuscitated his music career by signing his first ever major deal with Motown Records. While preparing to release his Motown debut titled The People Vs, Trick joined fellow Detroit native Eminem on his Anger Management Tour. Eminem appeared twice on The People Vs producing and rapping on the album's first single "Welcome to Detroit."

Trick Trick Vs. Homosexuals:

On the eve of his 2008 album, The Villain, Trick Trick openly attacked gays and lesbians, saying that his album is not for homosexuals.