Biography Poems Lesson Plan

Telling Each Student's Biography In A Poetic Manner

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A bio poem is a fun and easy way to ease your elementary students into poetry. It is meant to describe a person in just eleven lines. A bio poem is a very short poem that discusses the details of someone's personality traits, their home life, their current life, their future ambitions, and how they feel. They are often used in the beginning of the school year in classrooms to help break the ice and introduce themselves to their classmates.

Biography Poem

Here is the format of a Biography Poem and here is sample biography poem.

Line 1 - First name only
Line 2 - Four adjectives that describe yourself
Line 3 - Brother/Sister or Son/Daughter of…
Line 4 - Lover of… (3 people, places, or things)
Line 5 - Who feels (3 things)
Line 6 - Who needs (3 things)
Line 7 - Who gives (3 things)
Line 8 - Who fears (3 things)
Line 9 - Who would like to (3 things)
Line 10 - Resident of (your city and state)
Line 11 - Last name only

Lines 1-2

The first will just be your name. Students can write their nickname if that is what they prefer being called. The second line will have four adjectives that describe yourself. Encourage students to think of words that fit their own personality. For example, if you were a boy who loved sports you could write: athletic, strong, determined, fast.


Athletic, strong, determined, fast

Lines 3-4

Line three will begin with your family ties.

You can write brother or sister, or son or daughter of. Whatever the student prefers to do. Or, they could do both and it would look like this. It is the students' choice.


Athletic, strong, determined, fast

Son of Janelle and Nathan and brother to Reesa

Line four would be three people, places or things that you want the reader to know about.

Encourage students to start with the word "loves" and be creative and choose from their hobbies, people, pets, books, or anything that means something to them. An example for "Braeden" would be Loves the Diary of a Whimpy Kid books, sports, and Baked Beans.

Lines 5-8

Lines five through eight will start with "Who" then each line will be either "who feels, who needs, who gives, or who fears." Line five will be three emotions like feeling "happy, sad, or joyful." Line six will highlight the things that you need in your life like friends, family, or sports. Line seven will reveal even more about your personality and highlight the things that you like to do each day. Things like, gives time to walk the dog, or gives laughter when someone is sad. Line eight begins with the things that you fear. This is the chance for you to share something about yourself that no one will know about you. Fears the dark, spiders, clowns.

Lines 9-11

Line nine lists your expectations for the future, what you would like to see in the coming months or even years. Maybe a city that you have never been to or a movie you have never seen. Line ten will just tell where you currently live and line eleven is your last name.

These lines may look like this.

Would like to visit France

Resident of Buffalo


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