Biology Prefixes and Suffixes: angio-

Angiogenesis is the formation of new blood vessels. These malignant (cancerous) tumor cells are promoting angiogenesis by releasing angiogenic growth factor proteins that bind to endothelial cells in nearby blood vessels and encourage the growth of new blood vessels from the existing ones. Credit: EQUINOX GRAPHICS/Science Photo Library/Getty Images

Biology Prefixes and Suffixes: angio


The prefix (angio-) comes from the Greek angeion for vessel. The prefix (angio-) refers to a receptacle, vessel, shell or container.


Angioblast (angio-blast) - embryonic cell that develops into blood cells and blood vessel endothelium.

Angioblastoma (angio-blastoma) - tumor composed of angioblasts that develop in the meninges of the brain and spinal cord.

Angiocarditis (angio-card-itis) - condition characterized by inflammation of the heart and blood vessels.

Angiocarp (angio-carp) - plant with fruit that is partially or totally encased with a shell or husk.

Angioedema (angio-edema) - swelling in the deep layers of the skin that contain blood and lymph vessels. It is caused by fluid accumulation.

Angiogenesis (angio-genesis) - the formation and development of new blood vessels by the endothelium.

Angiogram (angio-gram) - X-ray of blood and lymph vessels, usually done to examine the blood flow in arteries and veins.

Angiokinesis (angio-kinesis) - movement or change in the tone of a blood vessel. Also called vasomotion.

Angiology (angio-logy) - the study of blood and lymphatic vessels.

Angioma (angi-oma) - tumor composed mainly of blood vessels and lymphatic vessels.

Angiopathy (angio-pathy) - any type of disease of the blood or lymph vessels.

Angioplasty (angio-plasty) - medical procedure used to widen narrowed blood vessels.

Angiosarcoma (angi-sarc-oma) - rare malignant cancer originating from blood vessel endothelim.

Angiosclerosis (angio-scler-osis) - condition characterized by the hardening of blood vessel walls.

Angioscope (angio-scope) - special type of microscope used for examining capillary vessels.

Angiosperm (angio-sperm) - flowering plant with ovules that are enclosed within an ovary.

The ovules develop into seeds upon fertilization.

Angiotensin (angio-tensin) - a neurotransmitter that causes blood vessels to become narrow. Angiotensin substances help to control blood pressure by constricting blood vessels to reduce blood flow.