Biology Prefixes and Suffixes: -genic

Cryogenic Storage
Cryogenic (frozen) storage of eggs for in vitro fertilization. Credit: Science Photo Library/Getty Images

Biology Prefixes and Suffixes: (-genic)


The suffix (-genic) means to have origin in, produce or generate. It also refers to a means that is suitable for production or reproduction to occur.


Abiogenic (a-bio-genic) - not produced by or resulting from a living organism.

Allergenic (aller-genic) - referring to a substance, such as a protein or pollen, that is capable of generating an allergic reaction.

Allogenic (allo-genic) - relating to cells or tissues that are genetically different, but are of the same species. Typically refers to the type of transplantation involving tissue taken from one individual that is transplanted into another individual of close relation.

Androgenic (andro-genic) - referring to male androgen hormones, which produce masculine characteristics.

Angiogenic (angio-genic) - referring to angiogenesis or the process of blood vessel generation.

Antigenic (anti-genic) - referring to a substance that has the properties of an antigen (substance that generates an immune response), such as the ability to illicit the production of antibodies.

Antherogenic (athero-genic) - having the tendency to promote artherogenesis or plaque formation in the inner lining of the arteries.

Carcinogenic (carcino-genic) - referring to a substance or agent that is capable of producing cancer.

Biogenic (bio-genic) - resulting from or produced by a living organism.

Cardiogenic (cardio-genic) - having originated in the heart or caused by heart function.

Cariogenic (cario-genic) - causing or conducive to the production of tooth decay.

Cryogenic (cryo-genic) - relating to the production and use of very low temperatures.

Cryptogenic (crypto-genic) - originating from an unknown source, as typically related to disease.

Embryogenic (embryo-genic) - referring to embryogenesis or the process involving the production and development of an embryo.

Endogenic (endo-genic) - having origin within an organism.

Exogenic (exo-genic) - of external origin.

Gametogenic (gameto-genic) - referring to gametogenesis or the process of gamete formation by meiosis.

Hallucinogenic (hallucino-genic) - relating to a substance that produces hallucinations.

Hypoallergenic (hypo-aller-genic) - having a decreased tendency to illicit an allergic reaction.

Immunogenic (immuno-genic) - of or relating to substances that have the capacity to illicit an immune response.

Isogenic (iso-genic) - having the same genes or identical genetic composition, as seen with identical twins.

Lysogenic (lyso-genic) - having the ability to undergo or cause lysis in a cell, as demonstrated in bacteriophages (viruses that infect bacteria). Lysis is a process that destroys cells by causing them to split open.

Mitogenic (mito-genic) - having the ability to induce mitosis in a cell.

Polygenic (poly-genic) - referring to a type of inheritance in which traits such as eye color and skin color are determined by more than one gene.

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