Biology Prefixes and Suffixes: peri-

Tree Bark Split
Periderm or bark is a secondary tissue layer that surrounds and protects underlying layers in some plants. Credit: lynn.h.armstrong photography/Moment/Getty Images

Biology Prefixes and Suffixes (peri-)


The prefix (peri-) means around, near, surrounding, covering or enclosing.


Perianth (peri-anth) - the part of a flower that encloses its reproductive parts. The perianth includes the sepals and petals in angiosperms.

Pericardium (peri-cardium) - membranous sac that surrounds and protects the heart.

Perichondrium (peri-chondrium) - layer of fibrous connective tissue that surrounds cartilage, excluding cartilage at the end of joints.

Pericranium (peri-cranium) - membrane that covers the outer surface of the skull.

Pericycle (peri-cycle) - plant tissue layer that surrounds vascular tissue in roots and stems.

Periderm (peri-derm) - outer protective plant tissue layer that surrounds roots and stems. Also called bark, the periderm replaces the epidermis in plants that undergo secondary growth.

Peridium (peri-dium) - outer layer that covers the spore-bearing structure in many fungi.

Perigee (peri-gee) - point in the orbit of a body (moon or satellite) around the Earth where it is nearest to Earth.

Perikaryon (peri-karyon) - all of the contents of a cell surrounding but excluding the nucleus; the cytoplasm. It also refers to the cell body of a neuron excluding the axons and dendrites.

Perihelion (peri-helion) - point in the orbit of a body (planet or comet) around the sun where it comes closest to the sun.

Perilymph (peri-lymph) - fluid that surrounds the membranous labyrinth of the inner ear.

Perimysia (peri-mysia) - layer of connective tissue that covers skeletal muscle fiber bundles.

Perinatal (peri-natal) - of or relating to the time period occurring around five months prior to and one month after birth.

Perineum (peri-neum) - area of the body located near and between the anus and genital organs.

Periodontal (peri-odontal) - relating to tissues that surround and support teeth.

Periosteum (peri-osteum) - dual-layered membrane that covers the outer surface of bones. It is a base of attachment for muscles and tendons.

Peristome (peri-stome) - sections or parts that surround the mouth in some invertebrates.

Peritoneum (peri-toneum) - membrane lining of the abdomen that encases abdominal organs.

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