Biology Prefixes and Suffixes: -plasm, plasmo-

Squamous Cells
Squamous Cells With Visible Nucleus and Cytoplasm. National Cancer Institute

Biology Prefixes and Suffixes: (Plasm)


The affix (plasm) refers to the material forming cells and can also mean a living substance. The term plasm can be used as a suffix or prefix. Related terms include plasmo- , -plasmic, -plast, and -plasty.

Suffix (-plasm)


Axoplasm (axo-plasm) - the cytoplasm of a nerve cell axon.

Cytoplasm (cyto-plasm) - the contents of a cell that surrounds the nucleus. This includes the cytosol and organelles other than the nucleus.

Deutoplasm (deuto-plasm) - the substance in a cell that serves as a nutrition source, commonly refers to yolk in an egg.

Ectoplasm (ecto-plasm) - the outer portion of the cytoplasm in some cells. This layer has a clear, gel-like appearance as seen in amoebas.

Endoplasm (endo-plasm) - the inner portion of the cytoplasm in some cells. This layer is more fluid than the ectoplasm layer as seen in amoebas.

Neoplasm (neo-plasm) - abnormal, uncontrolled growth of new tissue as in a cancer cell.

Nucleoplasm (nucleo-plasm) - gel-like substance in the nucleus of plant and animal cells that is enclosed by the nuclear envelope and surrounds the nucleolus and chromatin.

Protoplasm (proto-plasm) - the cytoplasm and nucleoplasm contents of a cell. It excludes the deutoplasm.

Sarcoplasm (sarco-plasm) - the cytoplasm in skeletal muscle fibers.

Prefixes (plasm-) and (plasmo-)


Plasma Membrane (plasma) - membrane that surrounds the cytoplasm and nucleus of cells.

Plasmodesmata (plasmo-desmata) - channels between plant cell walls that allow molecular signals to pass between individual plant cells.

Plasmolysis (plasmo-lysis) - shrinkage that occurs in the cell cytoplasm due to osmosis.

Suffix (-plasty)

Angioplasty (angio-plasty) - medical procedure done to open narrowed arteries and veins, particularly in the heart.

Autoplasty (auto-plasty) - surgical removal of tissue from one site that is used to repair damaged tissue in another site. An example of this is a skin graft.

Heteroplasty (hetero-plasty) - surgical transplantation of tissue from one individual or species into another.

Rhinoplasty (rhino-plasty) - surgical procedure performed on the nose.

Tympanoplasty (tympano-plasty) - surgical repair of the eardrum or bones of the middle ear.