Biology Prefixes and Suffixes: zoo- or zo-

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Biology Prefixes and Suffixes: zoo- or zo-


The prefix (zoo- or zo-) means of or relating to animals. It is derived from the Greek zōion meaning animal.


Zoobiotic (zoo-bio-tic) - referring to an organism that is parasitic on or living in an animal.

Zooblast (zoo-blast) - an animal cell.

Zoodermic (zoo-derm-ic) - relating to the skin of an animal.

Zoogamete (zoo-gam-ete) - a gamete or sex cell that is motile, such as a sperm cell.

Zoogenesis (zoo-gen-esis) - the origin and development of animals.

Zoolith (zoo-lith) - a petrified animal.

Zoomorphism (zoo-morph-ism) - the use of animal forms or symbols in art and literature.

Zoon (zoo-n) - an animal that develops from a fertilized egg.

Zoonosis (zoon-osis) - a disease that can be spread from an animal to a human.

Zooparasite (zoo-parasite) - an animal parasite.

Zoopathy (zoo-path-y) - the science of animal diseases.

Zoopery (zoo-pery) - the act of performing experiments on animals.

Zoophagy (zoo-phagy) - the feeding on or eating of an animal by another animal.

Zoophilic (zoo-philic) - refers to a type of pollination in which pollen is transferred by animals.

Zoophobia (zoo-phobia) - an irrational fear of animals.

Zoophyte (zoo-phyte) - an animal, such as a sea anemone, that resembles a plant.

Zooplankton (zoo-plankton) - a type of plankton composed of tiny animals, animal-like organisms or microscopic protists such as dinoflagellates.

Zooplasty (zoo-plasty) - the surgical transplantation of animal tissue to a human.

Zoosphere (zoo-sphere) - the global community of animals.

Zoospore (zoo-spore) - an asexual spore produced by some algae and fungi that are motile and move by cilia or flagella.

Zootaxy (zoo-taxy) - the science of animal classification.

Zoology (zoo-logy) - an area of science that focuses on the study of animals or the animal kingdom.

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