Biology Science Fair Project Ideas

Teenage girl (14-16) using microscopes in science lab class
Catherine Ledner/ The Image Bank/ Getty Images

Science fair projects give you the opportunity to experience science and biology through hands-on activities. In order to ensure that you have a great biology project, it is important that you first understand biology and the scientific method. Simply put, biology is the study of life. We use the scientific method as a means of studying science and biology.

So where do you get ideas for biology science fair projects? The answer is from almost anywhere. The key is to start with a question that you would like to find an answer to and use the scientific method to help you answer it. When choosing a science fair project topic, make sure that you select a topic that you are interested in. Then narrow this topic down to a specific question.

Below you will find some great science fair project ideas for biology related science fair projects. Remember that these samples are meant to give direction and ideas. It is important that you do the work yourself and not just copy the material.

Animal Project Ideas

Animal science projects allow us to understand various aspects of animal life. They provide information about animal anatomy, behavior, and even provide insight into human biological processes. Before deciding to do an animal project, be sure that you get permission. Some science fairs do not allow animal experiments, while others have strict regulations for animal usage.

Human Body Project Ideas

If you have ever wondered how the body works or about all the biological processes that keep the body functioning, then you should consider a science project on the human body. These projects allow you to gain a better knowledge of how the body functions and also provide insight into human behavior.

Plant Project Ideas

Plants are important to life as we know it. They provide everything from food, clothing, and shelter to medicine and fuel. Plant projects are popular because plants are abundant, inexpensive, and relatively easy to study during experimentation. These experiments allow you to learn about plant processes and environmental factors that impact plant life.

Before you begin your project, be sure that you know all of the rules and regulations for your particular science fair