Birds Printables

Bird Printables
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Printables and Activities for Learning About Birds

Bird Printables
Donna Apsey / EyeEm / Getty Images

Fact About Birds

There are an estimated 10,000 species of birds in the world. The common characteristics of birds are:

  • wings
  • hollow bones
  • feathers
  • warm-blooded
  • lay eggs

Did you notice something missing from that list? Not all birds can fly! Penguins, kiwis, and ostriches can't fly.

Flightless birds are only one type of bird, though. Others (and some examples) include:

  • Songbirds - robins, mockingbirds, and orioles
  • Birds of prey - hawks, eagles, and owls
  • Waterfowl - ducks, geese, and swans
  • Seabirds -  gulls and pelicans
  • Game birds - turkeys, pheasants, and quail

Birds have different types of beaks, depending on what they eat. Some birds have short, strong beaks for breaking open seeds. Others have long, thin beaks for plucking leaves off trees.

Pelicans have a pouch-like beak for scooping prey out of water. Birds of prey have hooked beaks for tearing their prey. 

Birds range in size from the tiny bee hummingbird, which in only about 2.5 inches long, to the huge ostrich, which can grow to over 9 feet tall!

Why Are Birds Important?

Birds are important to humans for many reasons. People eat the meat of birds and their eggs. (Chickens are the most common bird in the world.) 

Birds such as falcons and hawks have been used for hunting throughout history. Pigeons can be trained to carry messages and were used to do so in World War I and World War II.

Feathers are used for decoration, clothing, bedding, and writing (quill pens).

Birds such as martins are helpful for controlling the insect population. Other birds, like parrots and parakeets, are kept as pets. 

These study of birds is called ornithology. Birds are among the easiest of creatures to study because, with just a bit of effort, you can attract many varieties to your own backyard. If you provide food, shelter, and water, you can become a backyard birdwatcher.

Use this free set of bird printables to supplement a study you're already doing or as a starting point to a study of birds. 

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Birds Vocabulary Sheet

Print the Birds Vocabulary Sheet

Begin your study of birds with this bird vocabulary sheet. Look up each term in a dictionary or on the Internet. Match each term to its correct definition.

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Birds Word Search

Print the Birds Word Search

Review the terms from the vocabulary sheet by finding each in the word search puzzle. 

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Birds Crossword Puzzle

Print the Birds Crossword Puzzle

Use the crossword puzzle clues to correctly complete the puzzle. Each clue describes one of the bird-related words from the word bank.

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Birds Challenge

Print the Birds Challenge

Show what you know about birds with this challenge worksheet. Each clue is followed by four multiple-choice options.

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Birds Alphabet Activity

Print the Birds Alphabet Activity

Young students can review bird-related terms while practicing their alphabetizing skills. Students should write each word in correct alphabetical order on the blank lines provided.

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For the Birds Tic-Tac-Toe

Print For the Birds Tic-Tac-Toe page

Enjoy playing this bird-themed tic-tac-toe game as you learn about birds. Cut the pieces off at the dotted line. Then cut the individual pieces apart.

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Hawk Coloring Page

Print the Hawk Coloring Page 

Hawks are one of the most common birds of prey. There are about 20 different types of hawks. Hawks are carnivores that eat small animals such as mice, rabbits, or snakes. Hawks typically live 20-30 years, and they mate for life. 

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Owls Coloring Page

Print the Owls Coloring Page 

Owls are nocturnal predators that swallow their food whole. They regurgitate that parts they can't digest, such as the fur and bones, in what's called an owl pellet. 

There are about 200 different types of owls that range from the tiny elf owl, which is about 5 inches long, to the great grey owl, which can grow up to 33 inches long.

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Birds Theme Paper

Print the Birds Theme Paper

Students can use this bird theme paper to write a story, poem or essay about birds. 

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Birdhouse Puzzle

Print the Birdhouse Puzzle

Add some extra fun to your bird study with this puzzle. Cut out the pieces along the white lines, then have fun completing the puzzle!

For best results, print on card stock. 

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