What to Get Dr. Dre for His Birthday

February 18 is Dr. Dre’s birthday. It’s possible that, despite all his success, he’s feeling lonely up there at the top. So, maybe you should give him a birthday present to enhance his mood.

But what do you get a man who has it all? Classic albums? Check. A lucrative headphone business? Check. A stake in a $3 billion company? Check, please.

Consider these gift ideas for Dr. Dre.

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The Dr. Dreidel

The Dr. Dreidel
(Photo © Hannah Rothstein)

Hannah Rothstein created the Dre-inspired Hanukkah gift for the sheer hilarity. As Rothstein explains, each of the Dre photos intaglioed on the wood via laser action, matches the Hanukkah game. Dre seems like he would enjoy his own Dr. Dreidel.

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An iPod Loaded with Fresh Rhymes

Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. © Interscope Records

I know Dre has been busy with other things, like running a billion-dollar empire, but he’d probably get the itch to make raps again if only he had an iPod loaded with rhymes.

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A Membership to a Wine and Painting Class


Dr. Dre had to move to Silicon Valley after selling Beats Electronics to Apple. He has to mesh with his new environment and try to keep up with those snipheads and their cockatils of smart drugs. A little wine and painting class might do him good.

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A Suge Knight Mug Photo Book


Two things to think about: 1) Suge Knight has been arrested enough times to fill a coffee table book; 2) This is not a thing that actually exists. But suppose it exists, I reckon that Dre would get a laugh out of seeing his Death Row partner-turned-bully fill a coffee table book with his mugshot.

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Lakers Season Tickets


I’m kidding. Dre loves LA and reps LA, but he will probably saw off your left arm and slap you with it if you bought Lakers tickets. The Lakers are poo poo this season.