Birthday Wishes for Friends

Give Your Friends Something To Cheer About With Special Birthday Wishes

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Birthdays Are Special Days
At every age, you feel special on birthdays. It is a day made just for you. It feels as though the sun shines brightly, especially for you. The birds fly rhythmically, the clouds sail pleasantly, and people are kind and generous. Is it any wonder that you feel excited on your birthday, regardless of your age?

Birthdays Are Different at Every Age
As a child, you must have enjoyed the vibrant birthday parties, with balloons, festoons, magicians, and clowns.

When you reached your 18th birthday, you enjoyed celebrating birthdays with few friends. Adult life brought out a new phase, where you celebrate your 21st birthday either with a beloved or in the company of a few close friends.

What Has Age Got to Do With Birthdays?
Birthdays remind you of age catching up, and milestones to accomplish. For some, birthdays bring back morbid fears of wrinkling skin and greying hair. Through the thirties, forties, and fifties, people get more cautious about their health and focus more on staying fit. You will notice that with every passing birthday, we achieve new milestones in our values, thoughts, and beliefs. These birthday greetings capture the importance of age with words.

Here are 9 ideas to make your friends' birthdays memorable. Follow these pointers to give your friends a fabulous birthday.

1) Cheer Unhappy Friends on Their Birthdays
American actress Helen Hayes had the right idea when she said, "Age is not important unless you're a cheese." As age catches up, lighten up with funny birthday quotes, as they help you to see the funnier side of life.

Astronaut John Glenn, who later became a United States senator famously said, "There is still no cure for the common birthday." Despite travelling to space, Glenn understood that there is no escape from the annual birthday.

Not everybody has a happy birthday. For those who live far away from their loved ones, birthdays are grim reminders of their loneliness.

Some may get too emotional on birthdays, as they are unable to cope with the misery of loneliness.

2) Make Lonely Birthdays a Celebration
If you have loved ones who are celebrating a birthday alone, make the birthday a special occasion. Send an inspirational birthday quote to raise their spirits. Birthday greeting cards may have fallen out of favor since the emergence of electronic modes of greeting, but few things compare to the joy of holding a birthday card from a dear friend. Be cute and send a musical card that plays the "Happy Birthday" song in a never-ending loop.

If it is not too expensive to travel, pay a surprise visit. A simple, thoughtful gesture on your part can make a world of difference to your loved ones. That could be a wonderful way to ring in a new year.

3) Plan a Fabulous Birthday Party
Things can go awry when you plan a lavish birthday party for a friend without preparation. Have you prepared a guest list that will please your birthday friend? Are the food items on the menu selected as per your friend's preference? Did you organize the right games, music, party decorations, drinks, and dance? If you have never organized a party before, hire a party organizer who will take care of your needs, and ensure a great birthday party.

4) Birthday Messages Add a Personal Touch
To add a personal touch, stick special birthday messages throughout the venue. Surprise the birthday girl or boy with beautiful birthday wishes and famous birthday quotes. You could also scribble cute birthday quotes on the little tags attached on the gift-wrapped birthday presents. Make your friend feel special by raising your glass to make a special birthday toast. Do not worry if speech writing is not one of your talents. Take help from the experts and begin your speech with a suitable birthday quote.

5) What Makes the Birthday Cake Special?
A birthday cake is not just a teatime snack, or post-dinner dessert. It is style statement. It showcases your refined tastes, creativity, and of course, the birthday friend's preferences. The birthday cake is also a loud message to the world.

So, choose your friend's birthday cake carefully.

6) Birthday Cake Mistakes to Avoid
Avoid the temptation to scrimp on the cake. The cardinal rule for birthday cake is: the more the merrier. You do not want to run short of cake on a friend's birthday. Always account for a couple of invitees who will steal serving after serving of the yummy birthday cake. If you suspect two pounds of cake will be just sufficient, get a three-pound cake. Remember to keep the birthday friend's taste in mind. Do not order a chocolate cake, if your friend hates chocolate.

7) Add Your Personal Touch
While planning for the birthday cake, get your creative juices flowing. Whether you choose to bake the cake yourself or order the cake from a popular patisserie, make sure that your friend will have a birthday cake to remember. To make your cake unique, decorate the cake with an offbeat message. Here are some birthday cake quotes for ideas.

8) Long Distance Birthday Wishes
If your friend is not a fan of birthday parties, it hardly gets more apt than that famous quote by Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland where Humpty Dumpty tells Alice, "There are three hundred and sixty-four days when you might get un-birthday presents and only one for birthday presents, you know."

9) Keep in Touch With Friends Through Birthdays
Modern life has made it easier to keep in touch with friends. Thanks to social networking sites, birthdays are just a click away. It may not always be possible to send birthday cards in time for a birthday.

However, a timely email or an SMS message can make all the difference in the world. Look through this collection of birthday sayings for inspiration. Whether it is a 30th birthday, 40th birthday or a 60th birthday, you can always make it special.

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