Black Gospel Praise and Worship Videos

Get up on your feet and praise His holy name before getting on your knees to worship our Creator with these music videos from some of the top black gospel artists of the day. Start out with Hezekiah Walker and remember that every praise is to our God and go through Anthony Brown & group therAPy, who takes you right to the edge of the throne, worshiping God, whose presence is like water to quench every thirsty soul. 

Regardless of what type of music helps take you to the throne room to worship, remember that worship is so much more than just a style of music -- it's a lifestyle, a moment with your Creator, a time when your spirit touches Jesus -- and it will change your day (or change your life) if you let it. 

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Hezekiah Walker - "Every Praise"

Hezekiah Walker - Azusa The Next Generation
Hezekiah Walker - Azusa The Next Generation. RCA Records

Found on Azusa The Next Generation, which is Hezekiah Walker's 14th studio album, the lead single is guaranteed to get you on your feet, praising God for all that He has done and will do in your life

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Kirk Franklin - "I Smile"

Kirk Franklin - Hello Fear
Kirk Franklin - Hello Fear. Fo Yo Soul/Gospo Centric

From 2011's Hello Fear, Kirk Franklin cuts loose with a fun reminder that no matter what is going on in your life, you should smile because you know that God is working on you and for you. 

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Mary Mary - "Shackles (Praise You)"

Mary Mary - Thankful
Mary Mary - Thankful. Columbia

Erica and Tina Atkins, collectively known as Mary Mary, debuted their amazing hearts and talents in 2000 with Thankful. This great song was one of our earliest introductions to the powerhouse sisters as they sang about taking the shackles off their feet so they could dance!

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VaShawn Mitchell - "Created4This"

VaShawn Mitchell - Created4This
VaShawn Mitchell - Created4This. EMI Gospel

The title track from VaShawn Mitchell's 2012 release is all about why we were created -- to worship and praise God's holy name. We were created in God's image and there is nothing that we can not do nor overcome in His holy name.

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Pastor Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago - "Awesome"

Pastor Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago - The Best of Both Worlds
Pastor Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago - The Best of Both Worlds. Inspired People Music

The title of the song that shot all the way to #1 on Billboard’s Hot Gospel Songs chart says it all. Our God is awesome and Pastor Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago will give you goosebumps that go from head to toe as they lead you in worshiping His name.

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Jason Nelson - "Shifting The Atmosphere"

Jason Nelson - Shifting the Atmosphere
Jason Nelson - Shifting the Atmosphere. Verity Records

"Shifting The Atmosphere", the title track from Jason Nelson's second live album, was called "an excellent first single…a religious quiet-storm ballad” by The New York Times and they were spot on in their assessment! He shares that whenever we invite God into our days, He creates a better space, making that day (and in turn, us) better, regardless of the circumstances that it started out under.

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Micah Stampley - "Our God"

Micah Stampley - Love Never Fails
Micah Stampley - Love Never Fails. Motown Gospel

Micah Stampley's version of the classic worship ballad written by Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves, Jonas Myrin and Matt Redman is a powerful cover that reminds us just how amazing and wonderful our God is. He is higher than any other!

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Fred Hammond and United Tenors - "Here In Our Praise"

Fred Hammond - United Tenors Hammond Hollister Roberson Wilson
Fred Hammond - United Tenors Hammond Hollister Roberson Wilson. RCA Inspiration

Fred Hammond was joined by Brian Courtney Wilson, Dave Hollister, Eric Roberson to become United Tenors. Their lead single is absolutely soaked with the presence of the King and it will fill your spirit up to overflowing.

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Casey J - "Fill Me Up"

Casey J - The Truth
Casey J - The Truth. Tyscot

Casey J definitely puts her own personal spin on the Jesus Culture standard on her debut album, The Truth. When your spirit is thirsty and you long for a drink from the well that never goes dry, this song will take you there and it will help fill you up with the Lord's presence. 

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Anthony Brown & group therAPy - "Water"

Anthony Brown & group therAPy
Anthony Brown & group therAPy. Tyscot

The single from Anthony Brown & group therAPy's self-titled, debut album is worship in liquid form. The vertical worship ballad ushers you straight into the throne room as you worship the Lord of all and thank Him for filling you up with his holy spirit like water filling up a glass.