Blank Business Card Templates

No artwork—just basic business card templates for size and margins

blank business cards
Bill Diodato / Getty Images

Depending on the software you use, you may already have a blank business card built into your software template section. Check there first.

If you simply need a blank business card template to help with sizing and margins, download one of these free blank templates to get you started. Templates include guidelines and instructions for use. 

Microsoft Publisher includes a large library of Avery templates for that company's products, including business card templates. The built-in template category is available by clicking Built-In on the Start page.

Apple Pages and Microsoft Word also include business card templates for use with their products.

A one-up business card template is available from Adobe as part of an InDesign tutorial for creating a business card. Open it in InDesign and use the size and margins it includes to make your own business card.

Avery offers blank 10-up and 8-up blank templates for Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Compatible Avery products are listed with each template, and instructions for using the templates are on the website.

Start with one of the free standard or folded business card templates in Adobe InDesign format and then follow the tutorial to create your business card. These are blank templates with guidelines. After grabbing the templates, you can follow the instructions on the page to create a business card in InDesign.

Great FX also supplies templates and instructions for using the templates in Photoshop

MOO offers downloadable templates for landscape and portrait orientation business cards. The templates are for Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. They are also available as JPEGs.

Design Bundles offers a free blank business card template for use with Adobe InDesign. The template is 8-up. The template comes with instructions, fonts, grids, color swatches and suggested type styles.

MojoPrint offers a large selection of templates for various printing needs, including templates for horizontal and vertical business cards. The templates are available in EPS format for Adobe Illustrator and in PSD format for Adobe Photoshop.