Top Blogs on Transgender, Bisexual, Lesbian and Gay Rights

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Honesty may well be the final frontier. These are the voyages of the gay activist community: to deplore strange new homophobes, to seek out new life in old civilizations, and to boldly go where no civil rights movement has gone before. Somehow, even in a culture where nearly everyone gives lip service to the idea of fighting racism and sexism, it's still considered a very radical thing to stand up for the basic human right to fall in love. Here are some of the top blogs promoting and supporting LGBT rights. 

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Good as You

Good as You might actually be better than you. It's funny, quirky, and just a little bit edgy. This blog takes no prisoners and probably wouldn't observe the Geneva Conventions if it did. Think Feministing for the gay rights set, but with even more snark. 

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Opinionated Lesbian

Montreal-based freelance writer Eleanor Brown has a lot to say, but the most remarkable thing about this blog is that it involves more wonder than anger. That's a very hard thing to achieve on any political blog. It's not that Brown doesn't make her case forcefully, but there's an easy confidence to the way she writes that gives you the distinct feeling that whatever side she's on, it's going to win.

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Fair Wisconsin

When is a local blog not a local blog? This one was initially set up to combat Wisconsin's proposed anti-gay marriage amendment. It's a perfect example of the old activist mantra to "think globally and act locally." It covers national LGBT issues affecting gay Americans with a sense of immediacy that puts many more ambitious blogs to shame.

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More Worth Checking Into

There are a whole lot more good sites abound on the Internet: blogs, newspapers, and even magazine columns. You might find one or two—or more—to your liking. Here's a sampling of other sites you might want to check out. 

  • The Advocate: It's been around since 1967, but it doesn't show its age.
  • After Ellen: This one is big on pop culture, geared mostly toward lesbian and bisexual women. 
  • OUT: It's very popular, and with good reason. This website focuses on style and fashion, politics, travel—you name it. It also offers an extremely popular Facebook page where lively debates are the rule, not the exception.
  • LGBTQ Nation: Rumor has it that this is the most followed of all LGBT blogs. It focuses on big and important LGBTQ issues in the news.
  • PinkNews and Attitude: These may appeal to you if you're interested in the LGBT scene in the United Kingdom. PinkNews is actually an online newspaper marketed to the LGBT community. Attitude is a magazine—the U.K.'s most popular gay magazine, in fact. It covers everything from up-to-the-minute news to exclusive celebrity interviews. 
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