Blue Bird Day

Getty Images / Westend61

A blue bird day (or bluebird day) is a beautiful sunny day after an overnight snowfall. It's a perfect skiing day with a clear blue sky, bright sun and fresh snow. That's the skier's definition, at least. In other circles, bluebird day means something similar but with a different connotation.

More Than Just Another Sunny Day

Skiing and snowboarding fanatics tend to use bluebird day as described above; it's a sunny day after the mountain has been graced with new snow.

(Incidentally, those same fanatics are the ones who carve up all that fresh snow before the rest of have a chance to make some tracks. Perhaps there's a tie-in with the early bird getting the worm. Or maybe not.) 

Weather reporters and other populists may use bluebird day to mean any sunny day, especially cloudless days. But if you ski in the Rockies, a clear blue sky is commonplace, and the spring ski season is full of them, so using bluebird day for the simplified meaning lacks some value. 

Angler's Bluebird Day

Folks who like to fish use bluebird day to describe a sunny day after a storm has passed through. This is similar to the meaning for skiers but not necessarily a good thing. For many types of fishing, bright sun and calm waters often means the fish won't be biting.