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A blue book is a small booklet (with a blue cover) used by students to answer test questions. Inside the cover the booklet pages are line-ruled, like notebook paper. Some professors require students to bring a blank blue book to class when a big test is scheduled.

When you take a blue book test, you put all of your test answers on the booklet pages. You may not be allowed to write on the test itself.

  • You can find blue books in your university book store.
  • You should always keep a spare blue book in your book bag. You don't want to be stuck without one on test day!
  • Blue books usually cost around a dollar.
  • Be warned that professors check blue books to make sure that they really are blank!



blue - book


Also Known As:

test booklet



I bought five blue books at the beginning of the semester. I sure hope I won't need more than that!

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