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Blueprint LSAT test prep offers multiple class formats along with private tutoring. With any paid membership, users have access to an array of previously released LSAT questions along with video explanations for many of them. Instructors are veteran LSAT instructors who scored in the 98th percentile. Note that the company’s score guarantee is only for specific plans. Users who choose to take advantage of the guarantee can either get their money back or retake the course. We reviewed the Blueprint LSAT curriculum to see how it compares to services by competitors, so read on to see our full thoughts and key takeaways.

The Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Wide range of prep plans
  • Adaptive technology to supplement weaker areas
  • No Android app currently available
  • Expensive tutoring program
  • Limited access to in-person classes

What’s Included  

Blueprint is highly customizable, both in the plan that you choose and the software that adapts to students’ strengths and weaknesses. Prep courses can be done online with the Live Online and self-paced Online Anytime plans. Several one-on-one tutoring options are available as well. 

Adaptive Technology 

The Blueprint Learning Engine is Blueprint’s solution for meeting user’s needs. This software “learns” the user’s strengths and weaknesses as they answer questions. It tracks users’ progress and adjusts practice sets to focus on the areas the test taker needs the most work on. 

Curriculum and Strategy Resources

Blueprint’s video and live lessons focus on two aspects of LSAT prep: LSAT topics and curriculum and test-taking strategies. The former familiarizes users with the types of questions that have been used on the test and how they are worded. The latter explains how to approach the questions themselves.

With Blueprint, users have access to over 8,000 prior LSAT questions, and many of these are explained with a recorded video on Blueprint’s website. Explanations videos combine curriculum and strategy resources to walk students through an individual question and help them analyze the underlying logic.

Live Online Extra Help 

Live Online Office Hours are offered six days a week in two-hour sessions. During this time, an instructor takes one LSAT principle or question type and walks students through the question or concept from start to finish. 

Live Online Office Hours are interactive, so instructors will answer questions as they teach. This resource is available for all Blueprint students, regardless of the plan they have chosen. 

Score Increase Guarantee 

Blueprint guarantees that users will score higher on the official test than they did on their first practice exam. If not, Blueprint will refund the student’s money, or the student will be allowed to repeat the course. 

To qualify for the guarantee, users must take the LSAT within three months of finishing their Blueprint course. The fine print says that the student must be a first-time Blueprint member and complete all coursework during their prep program. 


Blueprint has an LSAT prep course for a wide variety of budgets. These services don’t come cheap but their plans are reasonable in the amount of tutoring that is provided for the cost. Their one-on-one tutoring will cost users as much as they’re willing to spend, with the largest private tutoring package topping out at $9,200. 

Blueprint Live Online 

Price: $1,499 

Includes: Live online instruction with a 170+ LSAT scoring instructor, detailed score reports and customized practice, live online office hours, access to 88 hours of Blueprint Online Anytime recorded lessons, and score increase guarantee.

Blueprint One-on-One LSAT Tutoring

Price: $2,399 to $9,200

Includes: Work with the same tutor every session, four to six months’ access to all Blueprint resources, personalized study plan, 15+ practice exams, and Live Online Extra Help.

Blueprint Self-Paced Course

Price: $249/month

Includes: Interactive lessons, over 9,000 practice questions (most with video explanation), experienced instructors, mobile-friendly, live online office hours, a self-paced study plan, and a five-day free trial.

Blueprint’s Strengths 

The biggest strength of the Blueprint program is its variety of customization options. Of all the LSAT prep courses we reviewed, it's pretty adaptable in budget and class style, in addition to pinpointing student strengths and weaknesses. 

Largest Variety of Prep Options 

Blueprint has a variety of plans to choose from, including private tutoring options and live online courses.

These options offer online programs to accommodate learners of all kinds and in many different locations across the U.S. In addition, the private tutoring plans offer a wide range of pricing and single section reviews that focus on one area of the test, such as reading comprehension or the writing sample. 

Blueprint Learning Engine

This technology learns with the user, taking their strengths and weaknesses into account to build a program that is completely personalized. 

Complex algorithms combine to generate homework and practice questions that will help each student work on their most challenging concepts while letting them pass more quickly through material they have already mastered. 

Blueprint LSAT
Blueprint LSAT

Blueprint’s Weaknesses 

The weaknesses of the program may be things that are improved in years to come, but currently, Blueprint users are missing some key features that would make any one of the study programs more convenient to use.


Blueprint has some of the more expensive LSAT prep courses we tried when considering their largest one-on-one tutoring package: 40 hours for a whopping $9,200 and $1,499 for their live online prep classes.

With comparable programs coming in under $1,000 for their online courses, Blueprint is still more expensive even for its more basic levels.

The mobile app is iOS-friendly only 

While it is helpful for iOS users to be able to access their program on the go, Android users aren’t so lucky. There are no known plans to develop an Android app, either. 

The course program is mobile-friendly, so members can use their phone or tablet with a web browser to study or access videos online anywhere. 

No books provided for Online Anytime and limited number of full exams

The Online Anytime program doesn’t include any books. Students must complete exams and practice problems through the course website. For Android users, this is extremely limiting, especially since an Internet connection is required as well. And for those still taking the paper LSAT and those who prefer to practice on paper, being able to print out full exams is extremely important.

Overly focused on entertainment and animated videos, rather than exam content

The lesson videos focus on engagement and entertainment. With all the animations and pop culture references, they sometimes felt like an MTV show which detracted focus from the LSAT discussion itself.

The Competition: Blueprint vs. Kaplan and The Princeton Review 

Kaplan LSAT prep is a comparable program to Blueprint that offers a few less expensive test prep options, such as their Logic Games Complete Prep. Kaplan also provides a physical coursebook with paid memberships, whereas a Blueprint Online Anytime student has to buy test prep materials separately or spend a lot on printing if they want physical copies of previous exams.

The Princeton Review, on the other hand, has online and live online programs that are about the same price as Blueprint’s comparable programs, but The Princeton Review’s Self-Paced Course is considerably more expensive than Blueprint’s similar plan. 

Final Verdict

Blueprint uses colorful graphics that are good for visual learners, and the program’s developers set out to build an LSAT prep course that is entertaining. Those who dread studying because they can’t handle monotonous study material will appreciate the engaging, interactive videos and games. However, students who just want to focus on exam content itself may be distracted by all the animations in the Blueprint lessons relative to other options. And while the service is rather expensive, we do love the different ways you're able to learn and study, including live online sessions, in-person classes, one-on-one tutoring, and more. We just wish that there was a helpful Android app available.

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