Bo and Hope

A 'Days of Our Lives' Love Story about a Blue Collar Guy and His Uptown Gal

Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso. Courtesy: NBC/Mitchell Haaseth

Bo Brady arrived in Salem on his motorcycle, stopped into Shenanigan’s for a beer, and immediately spotted Hope Williams. She asked for a ride home on his motorcycle, he agreed, and their romance was off and running. She was a spoiled little rich girl; her daddy Doug’s “Princess.” He was a long-haired, bearded rebel in a leather jacket and faded jeans. They were complete opposites, yet they fell madly in love.

And, in spite of all the obstacles tossed in their path, their relationship has sustained the test of time.

Bo originally dubbed Hope, “Little One,” but now calls her, “Fancy Face.” Hope calls Bo, “Brady.” Fans have dubbed the pair, “Bope,” a combination of Bo and Hope.


First Scene
The former childhood pals reconnected at Shenanigan's on May 3, 1983


First Kiss
A kissing booth in the park on July 4, 1983


First Dance
Hope’s 18th birthday party on December 29, 1983


First Time Making Love
Oak Alley Plantation in New Orleans on August 3-4, 1984


First Wedding
A cathedral in England on May 23, 1985


First Child
Shawn Douglas Brady, born April 6, 1987


Memorable Songs
On Hope’s 18th Birthday, she and Bo shared their first dance to Tonight I Celebrate My Love for You by Peabo Bryson and Roberta Flack. You can listen to it, here.


When Bo kidnapped Hope from her wedding to Larry Welch, they fled off to the Bonnie Tyler hit, Holding Out for A Hero, which you can listen to here.
After stopping to talk things out, the pair finally kissed to James Ingram’s Whatever We Imagine. You can listen to it, here.


While honeymooning in New York, Bo and Hope frolicked about the city. Some of the scenes were underscored by Mr. Mister’s Broken Wings. There was also a romantic music video of the duo set to If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody by Black Tie.
You can watch and listen to it, here.


After Bo and Hope remarried on December 24, 2000, they danced to Valentine by Martina McBride, which you can listen to here.


In 2005, the song Can’t Live Without Your Love was introduced as Bo and Hope’s new love theme. Peter Reckell’s real-life wife, Kelly Moneymaker, wrote and sang it. You can listen to the song, here.


Their Happiest Moments

Hope’s 18th Birthday
Hope invited Bo to be her date at her party, much to her father Doug’s chagrin. The night was going swimmingly, as the twosome shared longing glances and danced. Then, Bo gave Hope her gift, an old book of poetry. Hope wasn’t impressed and excitedly gave Bo a gift, a cashmere jacket. Upset that she was trying to make him over, Bo stormed off. Hope followed Bo back to his apartment, where they argued and she apologized. Bo forgave her, admitting he got frustrated when he saw Hope acting like a kid. “I want you to be a woman. I want you to be a woman with me,” he pleaded. “I love you. Don’t you know that? Damn it.” “You love me?” retorted a stunned Hope. The pair kissed and headed to Bo’s bed to make love, but Hope’s father Doug burst in, had a heart attack, and collapsed.


Bo Kidnaps Hope from Her Wedding to Larry
While working undercover to clear Roman, who’d been accused as the Salem Slasher, Bo convinced Hope he no longer had feelings for her and had moved on with Diane. Heartbroken, Hope fell easy prey to district attorney Larry Welch and began dating him; eventually, accepting his marriage proposal. On the day of their wedding, Bo stole a motorcycle, headed to the church, and kidnapped Hope. They rode off together, stopping at a park. Hope ran off, but Bo chased her down. She chastised Bo for breaking up with her and flaunting Diane in her face. "You broke my heart in a million pieces, and I'll never forgive you for that," she swore. Then, Bo pulled her into a kiss, insisting he’d done it all to protect Hope and had never stopped loving her. Hope melted into Bo’s arms, and they were finally back together.


Making Love at Oak Alley
After Larry’s thugs kidnapped Hope and threatened to kill Bo and hurt Alice, Hope was forced to reject Bo and marry Larry. Bo was devastated, and Hope was trapped in a loveless marriage. She fended off Larry’s romantic advances by lying that she was pregnant with Bo’s baby. Eventually, Hope leveled with Bo, and they began meeting in secret. When Bo headed off to New Orleans on an undercover case, Hope couldn’t resist following him there. The duo ended up having a romantic rendezvous at Oak Alley Plantation, where they exchanged mock wedding vows and made love for the first time.


An English Wedding
After tracking down The Dragon in England and helping bring the nefarious killer to justice, Bo and Hope were rewarded with a lavish wedding by the British government. Their family and friends flew in for the romantic ceremony. After Hope walked down the aisle to Bo, he revealed that he had a surprise for her. Bo sang Love Between Us to his beautiful bride; then, the couple exchanged personal vows. Bo told Hope, “I know our lives aren't going to be sunshine and roses from here on in, but I'm going to try my hardest to keep our love alive. We've got something very special here. It's worth fighting for.” Hope told Bo, “Knowing you and loving you has made me a woman, and I am your woman Bo. Standing here in front of all these people, I give you my life and all my love through all eternity.” Then, the pair were pronounced husband and wife.


Shawn Douglas Brady’s Birth
While en route to the hospital with Hope, who was having contractions, Bo’s car got a flat tire. A desperate Bo stole a car to continue their journey and nearly ended up arrested. The duo finally arrived at Salem University Hospital only to learn Hope’s doctor, Neil Curtis, was out of town. Luckily, Hope’s cousin, Mike Horton, came to the rescue and took over. In the delivery room, Bo comforted Hope, who couldn’t help but comment on how “terrified” her husband look. When Mike delivered their newborn, Bo announced, “Hear that Fancy Face? It’s a boy. We have a son.” Seconds later, he fainted.


Setting Sail on the Fancy Face
Weeks after their son Shawn’s birth, Bo and Hope decided to leave Salem and set sail on a trip around the world. As they boarded the Fancy Face to begin their journey, Steve and Kayla arrived to say their final goodbyes. Steve helped Bo untie the ship’s lines from the dock. Then, Bo and Hope were off. As Shawn slept in his bassinet, Bo and Hope cuddled and took turns at the ship’s helm ready to embark on their future together.


Hope Opens the Puzzle Box
After “Gina” opened the puzzle box, a feat that only Tom and Hope had known how to do, she announced, “I know who I am now. There’s no doubt in my mind anymore. I’m Hope. I am your wife Bo.” Bo remained skeptical, until Alice found a letter inside the box, a letter Hope had written to him on their wedding day. As Bo read it aloud, Hope suddenly began reciting the words herself. Afterwards, Hope told Shawn that she was his mother, and she, Bo and their son embraced. The Brady family was back together like they belonged.


A Christmas Eve Wedding
Getting to the altar was an adventure for Bo and Hope this time around. While Bo shot hoops with Shawn before the ceremony, Hope headed to the church in a limousine with Julie and Jennifer and proceeded to splatter ketchup on her face and wedding gown after a stop at Burger Barn. Thanks to some crafty stain removal techniques and a few hair and makeup tricks, Hope was transformed back into beautiful bride mode, and Doug walked her down the aisle.

Bo recounted how he and Hope had been down a bumpy road and lost their way, “but the important thing is we always found our way back to each other, back to a life of love, friendship and family. My gift to you today is to tell you in front of everybody we care about that my love for you is deeper and more powerful than it ever was.” Hope, in turn, told Bo, “I realize that loving you has made me more able to love, more willing to give, and so incredibly grateful to spend all the days of my life loving you and our children.”


Bo Learns Zack Is His Son
On the day of Zack's christening, Bo and Hope eagerly awaited news of DNA tests they’d had taken on the toddler. Although Hope had originally insisted there was no way Bo could have been the boy’s father, she began having memories of a mystery man she spent time with in Paris. In time, she realized that man was her beloved husband. Bo and Hope got the test results moments before the ceremony was about to begin and shared them with their family and friends. “Our family has truly been given a miracle today. Bo is Zack’s father. His biological father,” announced Hope. Bo happily confirmed the news. “This little guy is mine. I’m his pop.”


Ciara Is Born
When Hope discovered she was pregnant again, she thought Patrick Lockhart might be the father, and paternity tests “proved” she was right. Little did she know Patrick had tampered with the results. Nevertheless, Bo and Hope reconciled and grew closer, causing a desperate Patrick to kidnap Hope. He took Hope to an abandoned warehouse and planned to leave town with her. Hope, however, went into labor just as Bo tracked her down and helped her deliver a beautiful baby girl. Patrick ‘fessed up that Ciara was actually Bo’s child, and, once again, Bo and Hope celebrated a miracle.

An Adventure in Ireland

Soon, Bo and Hope were off on their next adventure to Ireland to investigate the kidnapping of their granddaughter, Claire. They discovered she had been taken by Colleen Brady, Bo's father Shawn's sister, who was trying to protect the child from Stefano. Bo and Hope also learned that Colleen had had an affair with Stefano's father Santos, decades earlier, and that that affair had produced a son. At the time, that son was believed to have been John Black. 

The duo eventually headed home with their family, unaware that the plane they were on  had been sabotaged. As the plane began losing altitude, oxygen masks dropped, but several weren't functioning and Bo lost consciousness. To save his "son," Shawn insisted that Bo take his mask and ended up dying from his heroics. The plane crashed in Greenland, but Bo, Hope and company were all rescued.

A Health Scare for Bo

Bo was diagnosed with a rare pancreas disease. As his condition worsened, Victor summoned his godson, Dr. Daniel Jonas, a brilliant surgeon, to treat him. Daniel performed radical surgery to save him: a pancreas transplant from a live donor, Bo's daughter, Chelsea. The surgery was a success, and Bo made a full recovery.