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The Board Breaker Review - Okay, a show of hands- how many martial arts and/or karate practitioners out there are asked to break boards? If you are one of those people who just raised your hand (admittedly- I can't see you), then you've no doubt come across re-breakable boards and probably tried them out at home. Of course, there are numerous problems with such boards. First, someone must still hold them at home for you to practice for that big test, etc.

And if you're like most martial arts practitioners, then you don't have someone at home that is truly capable and/or wants to hold them for you. Why? What if you hit them in the fingers with that big kick of yours (yeah- like you haven't done that ever before, right? :). Further, re-breakable boards are nothing like the real wood you'll be asked to break, and stacking several of them in a row for multiple board breaks doesn't feel the same as with wood either.

So what to do? How about looking into The Board Breaker from Arrington Martial Arts? But first, the specifics.

The Specifics

  • What: The Board Breaker
  • Cost: $119.00 at the following website: The Board Breaker Website
  • Color: Red and Black
  • Kind Reviewed: Stand alone- did not come with base.

The Skinny

The bottom line? If you're utilizing a holder with The Board Breaker, as long as they have enough strength to hold it up (most athletic men could with some stability), then there is no reasonable risk that the breaker will kick them in the hands.

So the chance of injury is greatly diminished with The Board Breaker. However, if you purchase a "1" Nylon tie down strap, you can simply attach it to your heavy bag and avoid holders entirely. This is what I did.

Though my bag swung somewhat after impact on the boards held by The Board Breaker- as I did not have anyone hold it and it is a hanging bag- everything worked out well when I attempted a jump spinning back kick on it.

When you hit the wood square, the break felt similar to that which occurs with holders. When you don't, it tends not to break. That said, when I hit the bottom of the board where it is propped up against the medium density polyethylene (MDPE) it is made of, it did not hurt more than what I would've expected with holders.

Beyond the aforementioned, The Board Breaker can hold multiple boards (worked just great for three pine boards with me), and can hold both re-breakable and wood boards. The Board Breaker can also hold boards in multiple positions for practitioners (see samples of this at the website).

Does the medium density polyethylene (MDPE) offer a harder surface than someone holding the board, making it easier to break? Maybe. That said, it did not feel that way for me, based on my experience under both circumstances. So I'm not sure. Given this, the difference, if there is one, is probably unimportant.

The Final Word

Overall, The Board Breaker is an awesome breaking tool for martial artists hoping to practice their breaks at home without a partner. If you're going to use a holder, it makes holding boards far easier for those with less experience at it. Beyond the aforementioned, The Board Breaker is a worthy investment for martial arts school owners hoping to avoid injuries for holders and offer those attempting breaks a fair hold.

If you're a martial arts practitioner looking to improve your breaking skills on your own time, The Board Breaker is for you.

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